Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vintage: Fun Stuff I Found for Not Much $

It was a good "thrifty" vintage week...just like I like it!


I'll start off with a sale at one of my favorite little thrifts about 20 miles away...they had a 25 cent vintage lines basket!  "Squeal".  I got the Vera scarf on the left, and the patriotic one on the right...


This cute little hankie and this table runner...


And this gorgeous turquoise and pink towel...  and, oh?  Yes!  I DID find more Hazel Atlas!!!! Is it too soon to call it a Hazel Atlas streak of luck?


I got these two lovely plates for $3 each at the downtown indoor flea market.


They are too cute not to do an "artsy" photo with.

I found my 4th Betty Crocker series book at Value Village for $1.99.  Anyone know why they spell it "Cooky"?  I see that they use that spelling but also "Cookie" inside.


My in laws recently moved and my Mother-in-law found these fridgies with lids she didn't know she had.  I LOVE family's the best kind!

She also had this!  Everyone laughed when I said I wanted it...I have wanted one for along time!  It's a vintage souvenir tippy cup...the back says MONTANA.


And then I went to "Carol and Nancy's Sale".  I have got to do a blog on those ladies.  $4 for the Flamingo Pink Lasagna pan.  I've been needing this size!


I LOVE this very old picture I found for $1 at a yard sale way out.  I always find the best stuff at the farm house sales.  The cute little old couple also talked me into this...

Boy am I glad they did!  It was $5, and I could tell it was old, but I wasn't sure about the goodies inside.  It had silverware, plates, salt and pepper and cups.  I was pretty sure the silverware was Bakelite.  I did a bunch of research on the pieces and the basket...they are all genuine mid-century and original to the basket!  The basket alone without the goodies in it goes for $50.  Whoo hoo!  I love this and will use it!


I have already started a major purging session here.  First I got rid of my "modern" picnic basket. And although I love vintage, I really like mostly things I can use.  After this week I decided it was time to pear down some stuff and only keep what I really love and can actually use in my Pyrex, plates, linen etc.   That makes more to sell and keeps my house uncluttered....(I'm a vintage collector who can't stand clutter) .


There is a Senior Center thrift way out in the country with really weird hours that I've recently gotten into.  Actually my sweet husband found it and took me there the first time.  I got these 1968 magazines for 50 cents each to cut out stuff.

This old wood sign will go in my laundry room with the other pink and turquoise blue stuff.

This little tray was 50 cents

 A Fire King loaf pan for only $2


 Another patriotic item for my display 50 cents

(sorry the pic won't turn)

Non of this is new...I just thought the colors looked so pretty in the morning sunlight.

And I leave you with some of my summer flowers...



Jill said...

Is the patriotic scarf a Vera too?. Nice!!

Stacey Johnson said... didn't have any of the looks like something she might do though.

ThrifterSisters said...

Oh my goodness! The Hazel Atlas plates and towel are AMAZING! You did so good last week. I'm super jealous (in a good way).

:-) Erica

Jann Olson said...

Love the Hazel Atlas! I had never heard of it until a few months ago. Have just a couple of pieces. The Pyrex fridgies are great too. Glad you didn't pass us the cute picnic basket. You really found some great things! I'm a collector that doesn't like clutter either.

Ranae T said...

Boy, you did have a great week! Such a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July by buying vintage! The Pyrex and Hazel Atlas is always a great find but I really like the plaque with Hebrews 13:5!