Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh Yes...Yard Sale Season is Here!

Oh adrenaline is pumping as the yard sale and estate sale signs are making their first appearances of spring.  I'm finding some to sell....and some to keep!

The Estate Sale I went to was crazy!  They specified no early birds and I respected that...only to get there and find people had already attacked and were still attacking.  They were rude and pushy.  One man pushed me over and drug his large metal item down my side as he passed.  Crazy!  I did get a few things though, and the prices were insanely cheap.

I've been looking for an English biscuit container that is the right style and affordable and hadn't found anything.  This was 10 cents and I love it!  I'm using it to hold cotton balls in my bathroom!

This adorable 1956 Lefton Valentine girl was also 10 cents

I have a thing for old books with cool covers.  Love the engraving and it's dated 1914.  25 cents

Record with amazing graphics 50 cents

Hit a yard sale today...not much but I did find these little treasures
A beautiful recipe box...I haven't seen this pattern.  25 cents

This I'm selling.  It's going for between $15-$25 on eBay and esty.  I love Ziggy. 1979  25 cents

This I found at our down town flea shop for $1.  It was absolutely filthy.  I cleaned it and it's true beauty was underneath!

Yipee!  More of my dishes from my parents restaurant in the early 70s!  I couldn't believe this find!

Glad to be yard saling again....happy hunting!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vintage OJ

I love the old orange juice containers and the little juice glasses from the 40's-60's.  When I see these, I think "hearty breakfast".  I still like to have a family breakfast once a week.  For us it's Saturday morning before my husband goes to work.  (Pastor's who preach on Sat night, work on Sats ;)  I like to make that a special breakfast, and I love the old glassware for it, and for any morning.  It's so cheerful!  They are also fairly easy to find and very inexpensive at thrifts.  I've found them for as little as 50 cents a piece, and pitchers for a couple bucks.  I was lucky enough to find one with the lid intact awhile back.  My mom said it's the same one she remembers using as a kid.  That makes it all the more fun!


Here are some of my other juice glasses...the middle is a "Hildi" design

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thrifting and Friendship

My best friend and I meet up for thrifting and lunch once a month.  It's valuable time I wouldn't miss...and I found some fun vintage too!

This is the first turquoise Butterprint I've kept.  Pre Cute Laundry room I found lots of this stuff for a I have a reason to keep it!  Thrifted for $8

LOVE this handmade vintage apron....99 cents!

No, I didn't thrift all this...I just thought they looked so pretty in the pantry.  These are my utility Pyrex I use everyday.

This is my first French Pyrex "Arcopal".  Hope I have that spelled right...I don't have my new glasses yet and can barely read the bottom of the cup. $1.99

These are from a "reoccurring yard sale" I hit on the way home.  These darling senior citizen gals have garages full of their own stuff, and stuff they had in a shop years ago.  They sell it once in awhile for a great price.  I got this whole plastic canister set for $5.  I'm going to find another outdoor utility type storage for the back yard to put all the "outdoor" dining stuff.  I think I will use these out there to store napkins, and plastic ware, etc.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Daugther the Vintage Spotter

So while my hubby took my son and some boys out to a movie for his Birthday, my daughter and I did a little thrifting before our movie night at home.  I discovered that my teen is an amazing spotter.  She isn't super interested in vintage but she sure knows how to find it.  At Goodwill, there was a large red Pyrex Hostess bowl in an abandon cart with a bunch of stuff around it.  It was barely showing.  She said, "Mom, isn't that Pyrex?"

I checked with everyone around to make sure it wasn't there cart and waited a bit, then snagged the $4 beauty!  Then she spotted a Holiday Thermos (My personal fav) and it's from England!  $3.00

So here's a bit of what I found and were they now make there homes.

Here's the Hostess Bowl

She will become the fruit bowl for now

I need to come up with a fun Spring/Summer meal and use all my Hostess stuff for it. 

The Holiday Thermos and a 1960's Charlie Brown milk glass cup 99cents
The thermos joined in my fridge top display

The mug joins the others on the rack

I'm not into Montana but thought this tray had creative potential.  Maybe Christmas with candy in the middle?

Found a mint condition pink milk glass mug for 99 cents.  It joins my laundry room display

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gluten Free Donuts and Spring Flowers

If you live in Bellingham WA, you know about Rocket Donuts.  Not only do they have incredible donuts they are:
These donuts are like the real a real donut shop!  I love it's location in the funky old part of town amidst the antique shops.  The decor is "Retro Space" and the people are super friendly.  My daughter's favorite is the pink frosted with sprinkles.  Mine, of course, is chocolate covered...but the maple was really good too.  It's worth the trip to Bellingham just for these beauties, but there's also alot of other gluten free in the area as well as fun shops and scenery.
and look under the city.  You'll find lots to choose from!
Rocket Donuts 306 West Holly and in Downtown Fairhaven
OK, you've got the for the flowers!  Couldn't resist on this beautiful sunny day that looks like spring!  Here's what's happening in my front yard!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ode to the Last Field Trip

Today was the last field trip I will go on with my children.  No I am not anti-field son is in 5th grade, and this is it.  They have one more, the zoo, but my husband does that one. 

I can remember the first field trips to the pumpkin patch or the grocery store.  This was the trip into Seattle to see the Seattle Symphony.  This is the big one they wait until the kids are more mature to take.  All the kids dressed in their best clothes climbed on the big yellow school bus.  Of course my son and his friends wanted to sit at the back.  I get bus sick...especially in the back.  The good news?  I had a seat to myself. 

A school bus is like a time machine.  It looks exactly the same as it did when I was a kid.  Green, wrinkly covered seats that are oh, so uncomfortable and windows that you can never get up or down right.  The bus driver even had late 70's music on.  So with Credence Clear Water Revival playing, we rolled out of the school. 

We bumped along on the freeway...the freezing air coming through an open window.  I was so thankful for that open window when a kid behind me farted...bus sick along with that odor about did me in.  Gag reflex.  It took an hour and 15 minutes to get there so we ate lunch at 11am on the bus.  Try dipping crackers in hummus  while you are bouncing 2 inch off the seat.  It was worth every moment to sit in front of my son and his friends and still be included in conversation. 

The kids waved to the people on the streets of Seattle, and surprisingly, they waved back.  I think they could see the excitement in their faces.  There were lots of "Ohhhs" and "Awwws" at the sky scrapers and the store windows.  Remember, were from a small town...this is big stuff.  We filed out of the bus and into the auditorium...the kids excited to be in a such a place with decorative walls and a balcony.  I sat back and enjoyed the beautiful music that would have cost me a fortune under any other circumstance.  The kids...well, I think they some-what appreciated it.  I watched some goof off and other soak it in. 

As I'm listening, I'm remembering this same field trip with my daughter...along with the one to Padilla Bay where I did get sick on the way.  And the one with my son in kindergarten on the public transit and the children's museum.  I worked myself to death trying to keep up with all the little boys running from one thing to the next.  Now, I sat peacefully with my eleven year old in his best sweater and jeans.

It was over quickly and we were back on the bus.  Someone started a chorus of thank you Mrs. Bus Driver as we rolled in.  Not that much has changed.  However, as I step off the bus and wave to my son, I know that the changes are just beginning.  I'm thankful that for a few hours I got to ride on an old bus and soak in the laughter of kids being kids for a little while longer.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little More Vintage Round the House

For you vintage fans...I've been shaking things up around the house...adding a few finds....lots of color!
Found this adorable tray at a thrift.  I've been looking for yellow or red for the kitchen and couldn't bring myself to pay antique store prices.  Good things come to those who wait! $2.

This is what I did with the tray.

Found this darling vintage runner and put it in my window  hide an old, waterlogged  area.

Found the adorable 1950's girl at a little thrift.  I've been looking at it for months but wouldn't pay the price.  When it went down to $1.99 I got it.!

A fridgie with a little picture and my Mom's old snap fastener package

Ah ha!  Some pink Pyrex.  Awhile back I said I wasn't in to pink and that has changed!  Especially since these colors work in my laundry room!  I've been looking for a loaf pan for bread (right).  The pink fridgie?  See the next photo.

I used it in the laundry room to display my hankies, Old lace and A fun Satina find from an Estate Sale.

Here is the whole display

I love metal trays!  Found this at Goodwill and hung it on the laundry room wall.

I added the Coca Cola tray.

My daughter handed over the case we got in Portland at a Yard Sale....a great addition to my laundry room!

Vintage Aprons on my wall!