Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Few More Things from Grandma's Sale

So you remember "Grandma's Sale".  I couldn't stay to see them open all the boxes.  Well, my daughter and I went yard saling over the weekend...and Grandma's Sale was still going!  There wasn't much left but what I got was amazing!  Can you imagine what was there in between the times I went?  (PS A great way to train a new driver?  Yard Sales.  My daughter is now fantastic at getting in at out of tight spots and quick stops!  haha.)

Ahhh!  Hazel Atlas striped cup!  I have four red striped bowls!  And the Yahtzee dice cup will be my new pencil can next to the computer.

LOVE the graphics!

I always research the heck out of everything.  I have a "need to know".  Well, this jar is from the 1950's bakery downtown Seattle.  The very bottom says "property of Baders' Bakery."  For now it's got cookie cutters and Pillsbury people.  No lid, but I love this!  And what do you think I paid for these AND three mini boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments that I accidentally already put away?  $3!
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Fabulous Finds!

Hubby and I went to a few yard sales this weekend.  OH MY!  There was amazing vintage out there.  Some was priced high and I had to pass...but some was not!

I couldn't resist this cow timer!

I saw this little "junk" box that hangs on the wall and knew I had to put my birthday collection in it while it is small enough to fit.  It's hanging in my laundry room!

This is actually from a one of my favorite little thrifts.  I've seen this in canisters and bread boxes...I didn't know there were shakers!

Another yard sale find...I'm a sucker for vintage Johnson Brothers.

AHHH!  This is so cool!

At the end of our yard sale venture we came across this house that was just unpacking boxes.  I almost jumped out of the car while it was still moving!  I spotted the above Borden Malted Milk jar right off along with a couple of Pyrex pieces I'm going to sell.  EVERYTHING was a dollar.  Unfortunately not much was out.  They let me look through the boxes that were open in the garage that they were still unpacking.  All the boxes said "Grandma's pink dishes" or "Grandma's stuff". We couldn't stay so I will never know what Grandma's pink dishes looked like!  It was pretty fun stuff...though it was pretty dirty.  I always have fun cleaning it up, I'm weird that way.

Another jar from Grandma's sale.  I added some molds and cutters.

I'm always looking for milk bottles for my Carnation crate.  Love these two!

My favorite find?  This mint condition pitcher...a non-local Goodwill that still has great prices.  $.499!

And I leave you with my pink and turquoise Pyrex collection.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vacation Finds

We've been on vacation and staycation the last couple of weeks.  I've hit yard sales from here to Idaho and back!  What fun.  Here are my finds.

This apron is all crochet...I love it!

Mikasa Brushed Denim Collection for the 70's

Tried to find the history on this.  I know The Waffle Shop was a college project in Pittsburg in 2008, but this plate looks old and is marked made in the USA on the back.  Not sure.

For my Birthday collection

Finally!  A Pyrex lasagna pan!

Bought this old tool box from the sweetest lady who gave us a tour of her entire property.  I put some of my Thermos' in it for now.

Gotta love my husband.  He scored this set of rusty outdoor hangings for $4

Full of bulbs!

My first jelly jar glass

The Post is from 1956 and has great ads for framing.  The 1969 Pictorial is from the year I was born.

This was one of my favorite toys as a kid.  I've been looking for one for years but they have all been in rough shape  This one is almost mint, with all the goodies!

This is a large rectangle table cloth this strawberries all over

Ahhh!  Love this American Beauty compact in the box!  Can't find the year...anyone know?

Now back to staycation!