Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beautiful Autumn

Hi Fellow Vintage Lovers, Thrifters, Bloggers and Friends:

Well, the sales are winding down.  I just took my last big batch of goodies to the antique store to sell.  However, I did find some amazing things over the last month, and made some updates as always.

This tool box is becoming one of my canvas' that I change regularly

Decided to take a runner my Mom made out of a round vintage table cloth and make a no sew valance.  I just used thumb tacks, so I used little toad stools to cover them.


Been looking for a cracker container like this for ages.  They are always a fortune at the antique this at my favorite thrift for a song!

This 50 cent pot holder in vintage fabric adds just the right color pop

Found this in a broken frame in the free box at a sale.  I washed it, ironed it and reframed it!

My Birthday collection

I've been wanting one of these forever...$2 at Goodwill!
Also $2 at Goodwill, the Hazel Atlas Strawberry!

I LOVE food with faces!  Couldn't pass up this towel at a thrift.