Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aprons of Love and Duty

What is it about aprons?  I love the fabrics, the color... and the fact that they represent a woman caring for her family.  Aprons are practical things that keep us clean while cooking, but they are also representations of the love we give to others through our endeavours. 


This is a fantastic book.  I stumbled on it at the library and then ordered my own copy on Amazon for a few cents plus shipping.

It has beautiful photos, history, women's stories, and patterns.


Here is my own collection of vintage aprons:

I wonder what the women where like that worn these in the 50's?

What kind of family recipes did they cook in them?

What events were hosted?

What love shared?

I missed one, but it's pictured in the grouping below.  I had them "jimmy rigged" with nails and it was a mess.  Then my kind husband bought me some hooks and set me up.


Looks like I need to patch the holes from the botched job, but isn't this nice?


And here is the apron I use ALL the time.  It was a shower gift for my wedding 22 years ago this August.  My mom made it from one of those pre-done fabric pieces, and I guess it is now "vintage".  It's worn and stained, and it's wrinkled from getting shoved in the baking drawer, but it's what I always reach for.

And here is a memory from years back of the love represented in the apron.  My kids and I were making Christmas cookies.

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LV said...

Memories one thing that cannot be taken away from us as long as we have a good mind. You are have some great ones in your aprons. I have a few aprons, but never wear them. All the ladies in my family wore them daily.

Jann Olson said...

Stacey, I love vintage aprons! I have a collection and each one is a delight. I have a couple that belonged to my Aunt Viola. I posted a picture of her on my blog a few years ago of her standing in her kitchen wearing her apron and pearls. I have that same book. My friend gave it to me for my birthday one year. It is wonderful! My girls and I get together at Christmas and do all of our baking together. Great memories just like the one you created! Thanks for sharing with SYC.