Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ice Cream Anyone?


In the last post, I mentioned that I splurged a bit and ordered something on Etsy.  It was actually an amazing deal!  I've been looking at ice cream containers on Etsy (the only place I've ever seen them) for along time.  The $15 + that each vendor charges is not in my budget.  (Even splurging I have a limit).  Then I found


You must check it out!  They are in Kentucky and find unused packaging from old warehouses.  And their prices are amazing.  I paid around $5 for each of these and they even reimbursed me when the shipping wasn't as much as it stated.  (Shipping was about $3)


Here's what I got:


From the 1960's

From the 1930's
And my favorite from the 1950's!

It was interesting to me how small the portions are.  The top is a single, the others look a pint or less.  Now we have Costco tubs. (oink oink!)  Aren't they cute!  I will be purchasing from Conway again!

And I can't forget the adorable canister I found at a local, really reasonably priced antique shop down town for $5, along with these goodies.

This mug was a steal at $1.50!

I of course added it to my patriotic display!  It is now really full.
My major splurge was this adorable 1950's bread box for $22.  I thought it was a great deal.  I've been seeing them priced at $30 and up at antique shops.

It joins my collection.  I was lucky enough to find the top floral one at a yard sale a year ago for $10 and the third floral one down at Goodwill for $7.00 last Christmas.  The plaid picnic tin was a Birthday gift from my hubby!

I stumbled into V V the other day and saw this adorable cake stand for $2.99

So that's my the end of my back to bargain hunting and finding some stuff to sell too!

And thanks to Jill at :
I have a new addiction...SMASHing!  My 14 year old daughter and I had some girl time this week, and we each picked out a book, stickers, printed stuff from pinterest, and cut lots of stuff from magazines (she from fashion and mine...well Country Living mostly).

I also used some old ads from 1940/1050 era magazines I've found.  Some are pictured on some of my favorite pages.  It's really a fun thing to do!

Well, that's what's going on in my corner of vintage land.  Hope you are enjoying yours!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hazel Atlas....Squeal!

So...I  OK, some might say that, but I'm on a budget and I live wisely and frugally.  That is how I would put it.  But, sometimes you just have to splurge alittle.  I've sold so much vintage stuff this month I decided to get a few things.  Some are coming from Etsy and I will share soon!  However, this find has been sitting in the collectors case of a senior center thrift for 3 weeks.  Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer...and when I saw how much these are going for online, and how rare, I knew it was a great deal even if it's more than I would usually pay.  So, I paid the $20 for the set of four....

Hazel Atlas Striped Bowls!!!!

In my favorite vintage color...RED!


I already had this cute Hazel children's mug found for 69 cents


And look how cute they look with their Pyrex Hostess sisters!

Now I just need to find these...

I found a vintage looking sign to add to my July 4th display at the same shop.

I wanted to show you my husband's Father's Day gift too

Happy thrifting!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Oh Say Can You See..."


Can't wait another day to share some American spirit.  It's raining outside now, so it always makes me restless to share sunshine days.


I've been collecting this stuff all year.  My Mom comes over and says, "Are you the American Family of Flakes?"


Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage DIY


I was inspired to take a couple of vintage illustrations and ads and frame them!


This is a page from a 1948 children's book.  I love it!  I mated it on polka dot paper.


Sorry about the reflection on the glass!  This is a Plymouth Suburban ad from 1957.  I loved the color and what they were wearing.


Here are the two together in the funny little spot between my living room and kitchen.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some finds, Advertising and a Sweet Suprise!

So I have a lovely head cold.  School got out, I was all emotional with my kids getting older + lack of sleep due to hormones (the natural remedy isn't working...I think I'm beyond it!)  My kids have an unbelievably busy Saturday so I'm resting in between chauffeuring.  (That is until I passed signs for a community yard sale after dropping one kid off).  I feel like garbage, I'm dizzy, my nose won't stop running...but it's a COMMUNITY YARD SALE!  I took about 20 minutes and looked around.  It's a newer community but I found that alot of older people lived there...thus, a little vintage was happily found!

This darling children's book has beautiful illustrations (50 cents), and the original packet of the 4 seasons Currier and Ives lithographs is so fabulous! (also 50 cents).  I can't pass up milk glass vases at good prices.  I've seen this one in thrifts for $5 and up.  I got this for $1!

One of the illustrations

Two Christmas table clothes $3.00 for the pair

Norman Rockwell tray for Christmas (50 cents)

1957 Saturday Evening Post with amazing ads ($2).  I think I'm going to frame some ads and try my hand at Smashing thanks to Jill at

There wasn't much in the way of thrifting this week.  I did find these magazines though, from 1974 and 1976.   

I found this ad in the 1976 magazine and it looked awfully familiar....
It doesn't say "election" but it's from the same year.  I found it at a thrift and it's in my 4th of July display which I will be posting soon!!!

And guess what was in this box from Erica at
Two matching, adorable (I think Thermos' can be adorable) Thermos'!
Thank you!  It's fun to have vintage crazy blogger friends out there :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun in the Sun Finds


So I went to my first "wait in line with your name on the door estate sale".  I typically just stumble on Estate Sales.  I don't really seek them out unless they are local and convenient.  I stumbled on one doing errands and waited in line.  They even had baskets.  There were some really jacked people and some really nice people too.  It was obviously a company sale, so I knew it would be spendy, but it was an interesting experience.  Everything was expensive and to fancy for my taste, but I did find some treasures in the rough.

This cracker tin was in the garage and had masking tape across the top.  For 50 cents, I took it and took the skin off my fingers scrubbing the tape off!  I'm weird, I like the thrill of uncovering the "gunk" off treasure.

I thought this 1961 political hankie was an interesting piece of history for $1

This 1948 children's book was in bad shape, but for 50 cents I'm using the graphics for projects.

I got this "Grow up Skipper from 1974 from a yard sale for 25 cents.  The furniture was from the same sale.  I've wanted to find this doll for my daughter's collection...I loved this thing!  You twist it's arm and she grows up and, yes, grows boobs.

This little strainer/sifter was too cute to pass up at a local antique shop.

Here's my bread boxes and picnic basket stacked up for fun.

I love adding color to the kitchen!  The more texture, pattern and color, the better!

My cute little grandma just finished these towels.  She made the bowls look like Pyrex.

Major score with my husband at a Senior Center shop!  The Pyrex Buffet Twins Promo from 1959 for $5.00.  It is missing one (I bet I can find it!).  It had the ugly duckling Pyrex pattern I can't even think of instead.  Also, this cute napkin for .25

Happy Fun in the Sun!