Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bring on the Farm House Yard Sale!


I went to an advertised yard sale that ended up being an old barn sale.  Everything in it looked like 1950's farm house.  If I had room for all the amazing furniture, I would have bought it...it was priced under $50.  AMAZING.  This is what I did get:


1950's TV tray 25 cents

Blue Ball Jars $2 each

I have NEVER seen milk glass S&P with pink lids!  $4


Fisher Price School House $5


Currier and Ives trays 25 cents each



You can't see the whole thing in this pic, but it's and antique coat rack from a Barber shop. $3


These are items I found at 3 different sales:



A collection of cooking booklets $2

A Complete Fisher Price Barn $5


Currier and Ives Pan $1


My husband found this on our trip to Port Townsend for $2

Here is what I did for my Fall decorating with some of my items:


I displayed the fridge open in the corner of my kitchen counter

The school house is on the fridge

My favorite "back to school" Fall decoration is the Reader from the 1800's.

Happy Almost Fall!
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Few Weeks of Bliss

It's a fat, juicy post-vacation post as promised!  I've been to a couple of estate sales, some yard sales, and lots of cute antique shops on vacation.  We've had such a relaxing fun time as a family...camping, hiking and "towning". 

Hit an estate sale at home...I got the above table covers....

This darling salt and pepper set...

Another salt and pepper...

cute tin cups...I had to dig these out of a really gross box...

And my favorite:  these "camper" mugs.  I'm saving these for our "Someday" vintage camper.

This charming cream and sugar....

A baby Peppy...
And lots of old west magazines...ALL of this stuff from the same sale, $5 for all of it!

 These items are from random yard sales


Then there was the senior center book sale... 10 cents each.

25 cents for this atomic pitcher

and for this Lotus bowl.

I went to the Swap Meet a few hours before closing... A lady yelled out "4 items for $1!"  Here's what I got...

Westmoreland cream and sugar

Pyrex Mixing Bowl

Fire King restaurant platter

Vintage tree topper in the package

LOTS of books....there seems to be a book streak....

This cute Santa mug

We went to Idaho and I hit a few antique stores there, and on the way.  The following came from:

Apple Annie's in Cashmere WA, The Rickety Rocker in Sandpoint Idaho, and another antique mall in Sandpoint. 

I thought an Idaho butter box was a fitting souvenir...and I LOVE this sifter!

                                                          I found a Pink Scroll!

And this is my favorite!  I had visited this little shop the day before and spotted this darling toy fridge for $15.  I didn't get it.  Then I went into Sandpoint and saw one for $75.  We were headed for Silverwood, and my sweet family sat with me for 30 minutes and waited for the little shop to open on the way.  I got it!  I'm going to put in in my kitchen.

The thermos on the left came from an Idaho Goodwill for $2.99.  I noticed that Erica from www.pyrexthriftersisters.blogspot.com got one this month too!  The other is from a yard sale for 50 cents!
These Pyrex pieces came from an Estate Sale...75 cents each

And this table cloth...I love it! $1

Also this cooking pamphlet and May figurine $1 each

I saw this table cloth from across the room...I could tell it was Vera and confirmed it with the signature!  It's my first Vera linen piece. $1

At a yard sale, I picked up this set of 1970's wall plaques  50 cents each
I went to add things to my antique booth and a vendor had this cork thermos for only $6!  I've been looking for this!

And finally a couple of finds at a local thrift since I've been home.  This recipe box $1.50
A set of 4 Pyrex mugs .49 cents each!
Sheww!  Lots of finds.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer :)