Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feelin' Groovy!

Friday afternoon, I was told to come fix up my booth or "Shelf" really.  It's a pretty large shelf though, as it took me two photos to show it!  I filled it all up with EVERYTHING I had.  Oh, my...I thought I'd have some left to switch out.  I need to make a little banner that says "vintage" on it for the display, and add a cloth hanging over one edge or something, but this is a start.

So, in the middle of the night on Friday, I was up with hot flashes and then I was just awake (common place lately).  Then I started to panic about getting a booth at the antique store.

"What am I doing?  What if I don't MAKE money...what if I LOOSE money?  What if I NEVER find anything vintage at a yard sale again????"

I felt really good about doing it earlier.  I even prayed about it and felt a peace that I haven't had before when considering it.  It's the right time.  I decided to trust.  I let go and felt much better.

Then I went out on Sunday of all days, when nothing is left usually.  I worked Saturday at the downtown clothing consignment store, so I couldn't go then. socks were blessed off!  Wait until you see what I found at only three different sales!  Some to keep and alot to sell :)  I felt confirmation that this was the right thing to do!

Here goes:


A milk jug $2.00 (this is actually from a Friday Sale) and LOTS of cookie cutters. (25 cents).  This nice lady loved cookie cutters!  She was really sweet to talk to.


She even had a couple in the packages that were a special deal!

I got these Santa candles still in the package for $1, and a pile of BINGO cards for 50 cents.

I love this tray!  It's a keeper for 50 cents.


Love this vintage picture! 50 cents.


So, at this sale, the lady had so much left for Sunday!  Her prices were unbelievable!!!  I was trying not to hyperventilate.

 This Fire King Bowl has faded yellow tulips but is in great shape otherwise.  Considering it's rarity, I think if I price it well, it will sell. ($1).  And the Thermos jug was 50 cents, and you can guess it's staying with me!

Two Fire King bowls 25 cents each, Japan figurines 25 cents, and a stack of melamine 50 cents.


 Corning teapot 50 cents, onion chopper 25 cents, pitcher 50 cents

70's owls 50 cents


SALE #3:

I didn't get that much at this sale, but the finale item is my find of the day!

1978 edition with lots of illustrations $1


This bread box had no lid and at $1.50, it works perfect as a planter on my cart!

This isn't new, but while I was changing things up on the porch, I put my milk jugs in this basket.


Are you ready for the grand finale????


1951 Kodak Brownie 35 MM camera that works!!!!  The lovely "tick, tick, tick" is music to my ears.  I really want to keep it, but it will be great at my booth!  I paid.....$1

Changed up my shelving.....

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Looking very good! I like that you have linens under the treasures!
Great finds and for sure a sign!

Jill said...

I think you will have no problem keeping your "shelf" stocked! You found some great things, love the little Santa candles!!

ThrifterSisters said...

So first of all, I like to tell you how shocked I was to see that you had pink Pyrex on your booth shelf! That is super rare to see anywhere:-) I would buy it for sure.

It's safe to say that you are stocked up for a while. Good luck with your booth. You will have so much fun switching it out with the seasons.


Debbie Huffaker said...

I have that tulip bowl. My Mom gave it to me from my Mamaw's estate things! If you get a chance, would love for you to visit me and follow. I'm your latest follower, too. Hoping to find some good recipes for our GRANDson who has to eat gluten free!

Ranae T said...

I would say that is confirmation! Your booth looks I would definitely stop by, especially with pink Pyrex.