Friday, December 6, 2013

Vintage Christmas is in the Air and Everywhere

Some of the vintage ornaments on our tree...along with all the funky kid ornaments made throughout the year...I love that!
Well, the decorating around here is done.  And what a job it was!  I had NOOOOO idea how much Christmas I had.  My daughter helped me decorate and was a bit overwelmed.  What I decided.  I don't need ANY more Christmas.  Unless it's a unique Shiny and Brite (which I did find this week), I don't need it.  Everything has a place and there isn't a spec of room more!  Here is some of what I did...

This is my favorite corner in the kitchen right now!

I found this Marks and Spencers canister last year for 50 cents.  I use it for my tea (which I drink all day long when I'm home).  Every time I get tea I think of Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls..."I got my bloody Victoria Sponge at Marks and Spencers and now I've gone and won!"

The vintage outside angel is on the fridge this year with a record cover I adore

My kiddie fridge is full of Christmas decorating supplies in the kitchen

I always love changing out the shelf in my kitchen the best

 I couldn't wait to use the Vera table cloth I got at an Estate Sale this summer for $1. 

I wish there wasn't that glare!  This is my dining room.  I blew up some pics off google and the middle is a collage of Christmas music and postcards

It's hard to get a good shot of this.  The sled and Snowman are waaaay up high on my ledge.

This was the box of Shiny Brite's I found at a thrift for $2.95

I hope this inspires your own creativity to decorate.  I'm saddened as I talk to women who are completely stressed out by Pinterest blogs trying to recreate what others have done.  I think the fun of Pinterest and blogs is seeing what others have come up with and doing your own thing with what you've got.  I am not a rule follower when it comes to decorating.  I do what I feel and creating is part of the fun for me.  I hope you enjoy the same!
Linking with a great place to look at what everyone has come up with!