Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time for Outdoor Eating!

Our family loves to eat outside in the summer.  I've thrifted some inexpensive, (and of course), vintage items to make eating outside colorful, easy and more fun!  Here are some ideas and finds you can use/look for too!

I found this vintage Tupperware condiment holder at a thrift last year.  I love it!  I fill it with mayo, mustard and ketchup and keep it in the fridge so it's ready to go.
I made room on a convenient pantry shelf for all the "supplies"

Gotta have a 1970's Tupperware pitcher!  I see these all the time for a few bucks at the thrifts.

I found this caddy, along with a matching tray at the Target end of season clearance a few years back.  It's very convenient for silverware, napkins, and I put the salt and pepper in there too.

I'll bet they get these again at Michael's.  I got them in the dollar section on clearance for .25 each.  They are tin or something and are great!

I've collected these over the year at yard sales and thrifts.  I have a huge set of the same colored ones that I found all over the place.

I just found this "semi-vintage" ice bucket at Value Village for $4. favorite!  I got this 1960's carafe and cups for outside tea (gotta have my tea) at a yard sale for $2
I put away most of the glass cups to make room for the plastic.  Vintage Tupperware stackables are from a yard sale, The other cups (Green and patterned) are from Target and were cheap!

I love a good fire in the fire pit.  Gotta have S'mores for that!  I found this cute basket at a yard sale for $1.  I use it for all the S'more stuff.  The Hershey tin (.69 at Goodwill) holds the chocolate bars of course, and the vintage Thermos sandwich container holds the marshmallows.  I keep it all ready to go. 

These tins are always at the thrifts, so they are easy to find and cheap!

I keep this tote with several fleece blankets close at hand.  I use the cheap ones that you don't mind getting ember burns on.  It makes it easy to grab blankets, and you can stuff alot in a tote.  You can find these blankets cheap at Ross or the thrifts.

Happy Summer Eating!



Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Yard Sales....Yipee!

Oh my, just when I thought there were no yard sales to be found.  I ventured out into the farm areas around where I lived and found two fantastic sales!  Then I went through town and found something amazing at "Carol and Nancy's Sale".  I need to do a blog article on those two, they are fabulous.  Time to start selling...I'm out of $$ to make yard saling and thrifting "free" and that IS my goal.

At the first sale I found this adorable cake carrier.  It was dull and dirty, but with alittle Bon Ami, it's shiny and beautiful.  The acorns make it perfect for Autumn.  I LOVE the wood acorn handle on top!  $4


The next sale was waaaaaay out.  I almost turned back but I'm so glad I didn't.  I got out of the car and this adorable 4 year old boy comes up and asks, "Do you want any of this stuff, lady?"  He ended up being quite the salesman.  His grandma was a dear lady, selling some of her mother's things.  These two coffee cans were in the first.  LOVE THEM!

Coca Cola mini-tray

I lived up to my nickname (Thermos Girl) among those vintage thrifter enthusiasts today.  I started to hyperventilate when I saw this really old unique!

Then, I about passed out at this sight.  At first I thought someone stuck a cork in it....then I saw the faint "Thermos" on the cork.  It's a very early Thermos bottle!  It's also perfect to complete my Patriotic display that I just finished today!


The dear lady was so excited that I was excited.  She took me into the house to show me her collection of extremely old glass bottles.  She was so sweet.  On the way out the door I offered $8 for the whole lot, and she said yes!  They little boy in good salesman form said, "Can I have that, Grandma?"


On the way home I saw the signs in town for Carol and Nancy's reoccurring sale.  These dear older ladies used to own an antique shop and now liquidate their garages on a regular bases for a great deal!  I couldn't pass up this 1940's French Arcoroc brand refrigerator dish for $6.  So cool!


Enjoy your holiday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Little of This and A Little of That

Did a little thrifting this week.  I found a couple of treasures to make it worth my while!  Yard sales?  Not so much.  My hubby is on vacation and we looked high and low today.  Only a couple of duds.

I found these two 1964, and 1965 Betty Crocker books at Goodwill.  I love the photography of vintage things and the illustrations!

Found this Pyrex Pink Gooseberry fridgie at a small thrift that has been jacking up the prices on vintage.  Surprisingly,it was prices low and then on sale.  I paid only $2.40

Another vintage red, white and blue item for my July 4th display!  Can't wait.

I've been wanting this "Holiday" thermos (my favorite kind) since Erica at
posted hers.  I found it!  It was at a different small, local thrift.  It was priced a bit high at $4.50 but it's hard to pass up a Holiday Thermos!

My first blooms popped out this week.  I put them in my collection of milk glass bud vases along with fresh mint.  There's just something about different textured milk glass vases all lined up.  I love it!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Yard Sales!

Today, at 7:30am I was driving my daughter to school wearing pajama pants with vegetables all over them, a red rain jacket and my Keens.  I had no makeup and messed up hair.  On the way, we passed a large baptist church...YARD SALE.  The same one I scored at last year. 

"I'm going as soon as I drop you off!"  I said to my daughter.

"You can't do that!  You're in your pajamas!"  My daugther responded, horrified.

I didn't tell her, but I stopped IN MY PAJAMAS.  I wanted to get the good stuff.

I found something VERY exciting.  One to sell one to keep.

1960's blow molds $3 each!



Fiesta ware platter (newer but I love it!) $1

Pyrex! $1 each  I love Crazy Daisy
 Then I got dressed, and headed for a local neighborhood sale.  I didn't expect much vintage there, but I stumbled on a great house!

Tape dispenser $1  Candy Tin $1
 This candy tin is so cute and date 1962.  There was this odd metal piece on the bottom.  I tried hard to get it off as it's sharp.  Then I read the bottom.  Apparently there was an attached "Key" to open the tin.  This is the ruminants.  I covered it with tape for safety.  So cute!
Oh my....I saw this 1950's box marked $2 and got VERY excited.  Was it empty?
It was not!

This packet of 100 old postcards was $5.  They were all addressed to the same person, so I'm assuming it was a family member's lifetime collection.  I can't imagine getting rid of them!  I had such fun looking through all of them.

All and all a great day!

Just got this at another yard sale after picking my daughter up from school.  Whoohoo $2!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gifted, Thrifted and Yard Sale Finds!

It's been a fun few weeks of finds!  I was able to find some items to sell from yard sales and get some money for the things I wanted to keep...I LOVE when you can come out at a 0 balance for what you keep!
Oh how I love this!  A MOD recipe box.  It looks like a pattern on a dress Twiggy would have worn. 99 cents at V.V.

A 1958 Napco Angel for Christmas.  I don't come across many angels and prefer them to Santa.  99 cents at V.V.
Love this...haven't ever come across this Pyrex pattern (Square Flowers, is it?)  I can't remember if that's official or what everyone calls it.  $2 at a small thrift.

$5 for a set of mint condition melamine dishes.  The lady said they've been in her camper for ever.  Probably always hand washed.  I always find them scratched, faded or I don't like the pattern.  It was so fun to find these!

I have an amazing husband.  He was on his way to work yesterday morning and calls me.  "I have Pyrex in my hands but no cash...I'll hold them until you get here."  This is part of that amazing sale!

Doesn't this combo remind you of ice cream cones in the summer time?  Chocolate, Mint and Strawberry.  The top two are the ones my husband called about...they were 50 cents each!  The Beautiful largest cinderella of the Pink Gooseberry Family was $5 at a "reoccurring" yard sale of some great ladies who used to own a store.  What a great price for that piece!

I don't know what it is about these English Egg Coddle Cups, but I've always loved them.  They are always to expensive...even in the thrifts.  These were 50 cents at the sale my husband found!

I used my new finds to change up the laundry room a little:

I love this!  Cute little vintage apron was only 99 cents at V.V. but I had a 30% off card so it was 69 cents!

Oh, Lord help me...this isn't Pyrex (It's Fire King) but it screamed 1950's kitchen at me and it was soooo cute!  I had that 30% off at V.V. so it was $3.50

A very sweet gal from church who reads the blog brought this too me.  So cute!  A vintage musical toy.  You crank the handle to hear the joyful sound.

Hope you are enjoying yard sale season and thrift shopping after people's "Spring Cleaning" as much as I am!