Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun Stuff

I just love these old tins!  50 cents at a yard sale!

I hit a little yard sale that had two wonderful vintage items AND a pair of new, amazing boots in my size for $8.  An all around great sale :)

Oh how I love this scale.  Sorry the pic didn't come out great.  $2 at the same sale

What a fun estate sale I hit, just near my house! 

I've always wanted one of these 1920's cheese boxes! and for 50 cents!  And of course the masher...$1

Cool blue bottle for flowers, a tiny Ball jar and Vicks!  50 cents each.

A very different 1940's fridgie dish for $1

I thought this packet had actual View Master discs, but it was just booklets.  However, they do have great graphics for 25 cents

1942 First edition

I love the illustrations! 25 cents

Anyone remember using these?  My hubby and I were talking about all the ways we "vandalized" the athletes.  25 cents for all.

I have always wanted one of these!!!  It has a bit of paint on it, but I love it!  $1.  The lady thought I was nuts.  I saw it with tools in it in a corner.  She carried it out to me like it would bite her, with her nose wrinkled up like it stunk.

Couldn't pass up this 1940's soda fountain glass for my ice cream collection 50 cents

And I'll leave you with a little eye candy!  Have a great day.

Monday, June 23, 2014

An Estate Sale and More

I'm using the bottles for flower vases...the deer?  Not sure but they are so cool.

I hit an estate sale in my town.  Most of the stuff was fancy collectibles and expensive, but I managed to find a few things.  Most of what I found was 50 cents...that's always nice.

I love this tomato dish towel!

Popped into a little thrift and this was sitting there for $2.99.  So cute!  Federal Glass Atomic Dots.

Found a few more things at some sales and decorated a bit more for the 4th!

I have never seen old puzzles before!  I love the boxes, and all the pieces are there too!  The pieces are very thick and durable, not like today's puzzles.  25 cents each

Square Flowers for $2

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dad goes Antiquing and Patriotism

So, my Dad did some errands with me before I took him out for a Father's Day celebratory lunch.  One of my errands was selling to an antique store.  I haven't been in a "shopping" setting with my Dad for years.  I'd forgotten how generous he is and how he works.  I just pointed at something and said how cute.  He grabbed it.  Then I just made conversation about Anne of Green Gables.  He grabbed that too.  Wow, I got spoiled!

I just love the cover of this book!  I read all the Anne books as a girl.

I have always wanted a floral Thermos!  Yipee!

I fell in love with this mini bread box (top).  It's about the size of one loaf of bread.

I put all my July 4th fun out already.  I figure I need a month to enjoy it!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Rude Men's Sale

Well, have I got a story for you.  I went out to a Thursday Estate Sale not far from my house.  I got there about fifteen minutes before the sale and it was just me and a man.  They held us at the front gate.  Everything was all over the yard and I could tell that alot of it was "Men's" stuff.  A few more minutes went by, and a few more men came.  By the time it was starting time it was me and 15 men.  I said, "I missed the advertisement that said 'Men Only' ".  No one laughed.  They were all a little too jacked for my comfort.  As the man approached the gate to open it, three men pushed in front of me. 

"Whatever happened to ladies first?"  I yelled out.  Not one person apologized or even looked my way.  I had a feeling if their wives had been there they'd be acting completely different!  Well, I quickly found the only thing that looked remotely feminine, and a couple other things and went to check out.  As I was leaning down to get in my purse and get the money I felt a strange tugging sensation around my waist.  Suddenly two men had there hands waaaaayyyy to close to my waist for comfort.  I outwardly said, "What?"

That's when I saw it.  The fishing line completely tangling me up.  I looked to the left to see the old man with the fishing pool that the line was attached too, completely oblivious to the fact that he'd caught a live one!  The two guys yelled, "He's got you hooked and he's gonna reel you in any minute!"

I could hardly wait to get outta there...and I don't have too much to show for all the effort, but here it is!

The Spice still has some in it.  Love the tin.

Couldn't resist the ACME name...and this is my first vintage map!

Here are a few other things from some sales:

Love this Baby Ball jar and hankie 25 cents each

I love talking to people at sales.  This lady in her 70's said she had saved this magazines all her life and wasn't really sure why.  I was happy to take them off her hands...fabulous 1950's and 60's ads...time to change up my frames.

This was from another little Estate Sale.  I got the Thermos and the Sound of Music movie book for $2.  My daughter did the best at this sale.  She is a Fashionista and 80's men sweaters are all the rage for women along with a pair of leggings and some boots for Fall.  She got a bunch for $3.  (Think Saved by the Bell)

Enjoy your Weekend!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spontanious Fun

I don't actively seek out Estate sales anymore...but when I see one, I stop!  This one was today, on a Monday.  It was the family so the prices were super cheap.  Love it!

I absolutely love these tea towels!

What a sweet memory box
Adorable little juice glasses

Fantastic Christmas...10 cents each!
I love finding party table clothes still in the package

A nice little collection of books.  The Number 9 is a 1942 first edition.

Earlier in the week I stumbled on a yard sale...the kind I always find, where they have all new stuff and one vintage item.  I got this amazing sewing basket for $3!

I love the decal

And look inside!  A tomato pin cushion for my collection.  I haven't stumbled on one like this before.  It's kind of velvety.

25 cent each linens!  I found these at a little thrift.

Did a small project in my bedroom.  I'm really getting into hanging the trays.  Especially with the cool Velcro stuff you can move around.  No more nail holes everywhere.  (I'm not a measurer)



I hope you enjoy a thrifting kind of week!