Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vintage Laundry Room Update

Hi There! 

Last year I redid my laundry room and made it my favorite room in the house.  (It might as well be cheerful...I'm in there ALOT!)  Anyway, I've changed it up and added to it, and I thought it would be fun to share.

Here it is:

This is my "free" little piece with some vintage finds.  This is one of my favorite pieces because I rescued it from a yard sale "Free Pile" and cleaned it up.


Forget Me Nots are my favorite



 Here's my hankie collection on my $1 Fiesta platter.  It's on the dryer




 Just saved this from the yard sale pile at my mother-in-laws

 I Love, love, love having this Holiday cooler in here.  I store my iron, etc in it, and it makes the laundry basket a little higher for me.  (I'm kinda short).  The fact that I got it for $7 is even better!


This is a recent DIY.  It's a 1957 ad from Saturday Evening Post that was huge.  I cut the ice cream and logo out, used some paper to back it, and framed it.

 This is an old towel my grandma made...I framed the embroidery.

 I don't think I could fit anything else in here.

These tray's are a find from Goodwill yesterday.  I think there were probably 4 seasons...3 left for $3.  I am selling all but the sunshine.  I'm taking down the 4th of July display outside in my cart, and that will be part of the new display!


Happy Hunting!



Your laundry room is sunny, happy, fun and love the colors! Loved that you saved the linen from your Grandma and framed it!

Jill said...

There are so many things to look at in these pica, you have a lot of sweet things in that room, love it!!

I didn't realize you collected hankies??

Your board is kind of like a SMASH page, it's just too cute!

ThrifterSisters said...

Just having my first cup of coffee this morning and your pretty Pyrex is the perfect start to my day! I love that Holiday cooler. I have an aluminum one with a red lid but I would love to find the turquoise.

Have a great Sunday,


Cally said...

There are so many neat things to look at in there! How fun!