Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autum is Here!

Vintage Federal Glass bowl with pumpkins

My free chair with pumpkins!

Ok, I am ashamed to say this is growing in my front yard, and though I knew it was an Aster, I had no recollection of planting it...until it bloomed! Then I remembered the little plant someone gave me two years know the ones in the grocery store wrapped in colored paper. It's huge and gorgeous! Can't believe it did that.
This is my favorite time of year. So glad it's here! Enjoy your Fall!
photos by Emily Johnson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage Finds for Fall!

OK, This is a great story. We are at a garage sale and I see these two old chairs, painted but the seat is all rustic. I look at the price tag and it says....FREE!!! I am figuring out how to talk my husband into these chairs...I know just what to do with them. We don't get them, but I keep talking while we look at more sales. Soon he is back in front of the house loading them in the back! Yipee! I can't wait to put a big pumpkin on them!
I love to find vintage Anchor Hocking/Fire King dishes. This cup and saucer are from 1952-1956
I love 1970ish Pyrex mixing bowls!

This is a page from a pamphlet published in 1968 for Teen girls by Carnation. .29 cents was all I paid...I have enjoyed reading these funny out of date excerpts to Emily, my almost teen. Times were so different!