Monday, July 15, 2013

A Few Things

I got up early Thursday morning to get in line at a church sale in the next town. I've had REALLY good luck at church sales in the past.  Lot of people were waiting outside...unfortunately, not much vintage.  I did get a couple of things though...


 This beauty was only $1!

I also got this for $1. 


 I looked at the local antique mall and found this mint condition bowl from the Primary set for only $3.  I have the completed set, but I love this size and the color and can use it since my set is displayed.

I kept passing this sifter by in the local thrift.  I thought it was priced kinda high at $8.  I just love it though and I went in and asked if the "collectibles" were on sale that day hoping for a discount.  He gave me $1 off, which wasn't much but enough to make me bite.


So now I have three sifters, which makes a collection!

The family went to Bellingham, a town that we love and I found this at an antique mall.  I've NEVER bought a Thermos at an antique store, and I've never paid more than $3, but it's soooo cute!  So I paid $8.


I'm hoping to hit more sales this weekend, and I'm thinking of renting a space at the local antique mall...we'll see!

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ThrifterSisters said...

Yay! Another cute Thermos for your collection:-) I picked up one this weekend so now I have official collection!

We went to Bellingham on our annual girls weekend last Summer & had a blast! Lots of cute shops to visit and such a pretty little town.

Have a great week:-)


Jill said...

So, you have a new collection, it doesn't take much, does it??

Jann Olson said...

Glad you took the bite for the sifter because it's so darn cute. I love them too! Great price on the Pyrex and I love the thermos! I found a few fun things today at a yard sale.