Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ice Cream Anyone?


In the last post, I mentioned that I splurged a bit and ordered something on Etsy.  It was actually an amazing deal!  I've been looking at ice cream containers on Etsy (the only place I've ever seen them) for along time.  The $15 + that each vendor charges is not in my budget.  (Even splurging I have a limit).  Then I found


You must check it out!  They are in Kentucky and find unused packaging from old warehouses.  And their prices are amazing.  I paid around $5 for each of these and they even reimbursed me when the shipping wasn't as much as it stated.  (Shipping was about $3)


Here's what I got:


From the 1960's

From the 1930's
And my favorite from the 1950's!

It was interesting to me how small the portions are.  The top is a single, the others look a pint or less.  Now we have Costco tubs. (oink oink!)  Aren't they cute!  I will be purchasing from Conway again!

And I can't forget the adorable canister I found at a local, really reasonably priced antique shop down town for $5, along with these goodies.

This mug was a steal at $1.50!

I of course added it to my patriotic display!  It is now really full.
My major splurge was this adorable 1950's bread box for $22.  I thought it was a great deal.  I've been seeing them priced at $30 and up at antique shops.

It joins my collection.  I was lucky enough to find the top floral one at a yard sale a year ago for $10 and the third floral one down at Goodwill for $7.00 last Christmas.  The plaid picnic tin was a Birthday gift from my hubby!

I stumbled into V V the other day and saw this adorable cake stand for $2.99

So that's my the end of my back to bargain hunting and finding some stuff to sell too!

And thanks to Jill at :
I have a new addiction...SMASHing!  My 14 year old daughter and I had some girl time this week, and we each picked out a book, stickers, printed stuff from pinterest, and cut lots of stuff from magazines (she from fashion and mine...well Country Living mostly).

I also used some old ads from 1940/1050 era magazines I've found.  Some are pictured on some of my favorite pages.  It's really a fun thing to do!

Well, that's what's going on in my corner of vintage land.  Hope you are enjoying yours!
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ThrifterSisters said...

In case you didn't already know this, I would have bought every single thing in your post! I love that stack of bread boxes and picnic baskets. I have several of each and they are the perfect storage containers!


Stacey Johnson said...

Yes, I thought of you with the ice cream containers...thought you would like them too ;)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh so many fun things but I especially LOVE that strawberry canister!

Speaking of ice cream, our family has the largest servings of anyone I've ever known! It's embarrassing! Ha-ha! ♥

Jann Olson said...

Oh my gosh Stacey, I absolutely love those ice cream containers. Going to check out their site later. Sounds like awesome prices. I love your stack of asst. picnic tins. I have one plaid one. I have had others, but I planted in one outdoors, gave one to my oldest daughter, and I think I still have one in my stuff I am storing from our playhouse at our previous home. Must pull it out. I love them stacked! I have seen the smashing Jill has done and love it. Been tempted to try it, but for now I want to make a vintage looking gardening journal. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Heading off to church but will be back to check out other posts and your Pyrex blog. Am I rambling or what? lol!

Stacey Johnson said...

Thanks so much Jann! Yes, the ice cream containers are fantastic.

Susan Clayton said...

Thank you for sharing all your goodies! I love vintage tin boxes etc, and am always interesting in seeing what others find and what they paid. Visiting from SYC - Happy 4th of July!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

This gets a WOW!!!!! and thanks so much for sharing with us! I will be sharing this with Junkin Joe Fans! : )

Patti said...

Such wonderful collections! iPod have them displayed so nicely. I used the pink windmill graphic for a Dutch Couple wall hanging. It turned out cute. I think it's called Pink Cheeks, if you want to look at it. I just love your tins stacked up!

Jill said...

I am so far behind on blog reading after being away, I'm glad I didn't miss this one!! Of course, I love your finds but I'm real happy to see your SMASH pages, love what you did, collage type pages are so much fun to do. I have the Tasty book too, the pages are so beautiful in it! Have you checked out the SMASHaholics group on Facebook?