Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifting for Your Wardrobe

I've posted alot about vintage thrifting, but that isn't the only thrifting I do.  In fact, about 80% or more of my family's clothing and shoes come from thrift stores (and ALL of us are very picky about what we wear and brand names).  I thought I'd share some tips and give examples of what you can find for very little $$$.

Think the thrift store clothes are junk?  Oh, but you haven't really looked then.  The thrifts are FULL of name brand and designer clothing IN STYLE for a very small price.

Your style and my style may not be the same, but there is something for everyone at the thrifts.  You just have to be willing to look and it helps to go often.  And if you take advantage of the sales, and specials, it's even better!  I will share about those too.

Calvin Klein cardi $4.00 with 30% coupon at V.V., Old navy blouse $2 at a small thrift, vintage necklace $1.29 at the Monday color tag sale at Goodwill...and in the next photo Lucky capri jeans $5 at the V.V. half price sale

Brand New with the tags still on designer sundress, $1.29 at Goodwill Monday color tag sale
Nordstrom pink cardi $1.29, vintage necklace 1.29, boutique blouse $2.00
INC black top $1.29 (you are seeing a pattern now :), boutique sweater free by exchanging at Buffalo Exchange (I'll tell you more about that too.)
vintage scarf .50 cents, navy top free at LL Bean with my card points, orange sweater with jewel tone buttons $4

So I've shown you some examples from my wardrobe, but it's not just women's clothing.  My husband is worse than I am about getting a deal.  His best finds are several English Laundry shirts.  These are around $120 at Nordstrom.  He's gotten his 5 shirts for $5 each.  If you have a preteen son you know about Zumiez and the Neff brand.  It's $30 for one measly tee...something he gets at birthdays or when Grandma treats.  I found one that was like new for $3 at V.V. and I got it for half price on a card members deal.  $1.50!  My teenage daughter is a major fashionista and loves to thrift and create.  I say all this to inspire you.  It can be done.  You can dress really well on a tight budget!

OK, so here are the stores and the deals:

Value Village: 

1) Sign up for a members card.  It's free and it gives you great deals.  Special days, you get to go to their holiday special sales early, and you get 30% off on your birthday

2) Donate there.  They give you coupons.  Right now it's 30% off your whole shopping trip

3) Get the stamp card.  4 times a year they have a stamp card.  When it's full you get 30% off your whole shopping trip

4) Go to the 50% off sales.  It's amazing what you find!

5) Check to see what color is 50% off that week and save some more


1) Check the color for the week that is 50% off

2) Mondays are $1.29 day on the color of the week.  We get half our stuff this way.  Seriously you can't even by a Starbucks for $1.29!

3) Goodwill has a few sales a year, get on their mailing list

Small Thrifts:

1) These stores often have much better prices and lots of specials
2) Frequent them often for the best finds.
3) Check to see if they have any discount programs, they often do

Buffalo Exchange:

This is a great store in most larger cities.  You can bring clothing to them, they either give you cash or you can trade, right on the spot.  This is one of my daughter's favorites since it's more on the funky and young side.  It's a great way to get clothes and it's alot of fun.

With all these stores you can get a calendar with the months color tags and specials to plan ahead.

I hope you've been inspired to get out there and get a fantastic wardrobe for a very small amount of money!  Have fun :)


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