Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Yard Sales....Yipee!

Oh my, just when I thought there were no yard sales to be found.  I ventured out into the farm areas around where I lived and found two fantastic sales!  Then I went through town and found something amazing at "Carol and Nancy's Sale".  I need to do a blog article on those two, they are fabulous.  Time to start selling...I'm out of $$ to make yard saling and thrifting "free" and that IS my goal.

At the first sale I found this adorable cake carrier.  It was dull and dirty, but with alittle Bon Ami, it's shiny and beautiful.  The acorns make it perfect for Autumn.  I LOVE the wood acorn handle on top!  $4


The next sale was waaaaaay out.  I almost turned back but I'm so glad I didn't.  I got out of the car and this adorable 4 year old boy comes up and asks, "Do you want any of this stuff, lady?"  He ended up being quite the salesman.  His grandma was a dear lady, selling some of her mother's things.  These two coffee cans were in the first.  LOVE THEM!

Coca Cola mini-tray

I lived up to my nickname (Thermos Girl) among those vintage thrifter enthusiasts today.  I started to hyperventilate when I saw this really old unique!

Then, I about passed out at this sight.  At first I thought someone stuck a cork in it....then I saw the faint "Thermos" on the cork.  It's a very early Thermos bottle!  It's also perfect to complete my Patriotic display that I just finished today!


The dear lady was so excited that I was excited.  She took me into the house to show me her collection of extremely old glass bottles.  She was so sweet.  On the way out the door I offered $8 for the whole lot, and she said yes!  They little boy in good salesman form said, "Can I have that, Grandma?"


On the way home I saw the signs in town for Carol and Nancy's reoccurring sale.  These dear older ladies used to own an antique shop and now liquidate their garages on a regular bases for a great deal!  I couldn't pass up this 1940's French Arcoroc brand refrigerator dish for $6.  So cool!


Enjoy your holiday!


Jill said...

I think you had a very successful day!! You're sure lucky with the Thermos'

ThrifterSisters said...

Hey Thermos Girl!

I'm thrilled for you for finding that super old thermos. What an amazing score:-)

That acorn cake tin is perfect for Fall. I'm sure you will work it into some sort of cute display.

Have a lovely weekend,