Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time for Outdoor Eating!

Our family loves to eat outside in the summer.  I've thrifted some inexpensive, (and of course), vintage items to make eating outside colorful, easy and more fun!  Here are some ideas and finds you can use/look for too!

I found this vintage Tupperware condiment holder at a thrift last year.  I love it!  I fill it with mayo, mustard and ketchup and keep it in the fridge so it's ready to go.
I made room on a convenient pantry shelf for all the "supplies"

Gotta have a 1970's Tupperware pitcher!  I see these all the time for a few bucks at the thrifts.

I found this caddy, along with a matching tray at the Target end of season clearance a few years back.  It's very convenient for silverware, napkins, and I put the salt and pepper in there too.

I'll bet they get these again at Michael's.  I got them in the dollar section on clearance for .25 each.  They are tin or something and are great!

I've collected these over the year at yard sales and thrifts.  I have a huge set of the same colored ones that I found all over the place.

I just found this "semi-vintage" ice bucket at Value Village for $4. favorite!  I got this 1960's carafe and cups for outside tea (gotta have my tea) at a yard sale for $2
I put away most of the glass cups to make room for the plastic.  Vintage Tupperware stackables are from a yard sale, The other cups (Green and patterned) are from Target and were cheap!

I love a good fire in the fire pit.  Gotta have S'mores for that!  I found this cute basket at a yard sale for $1.  I use it for all the S'more stuff.  The Hershey tin (.69 at Goodwill) holds the chocolate bars of course, and the vintage Thermos sandwich container holds the marshmallows.  I keep it all ready to go. 

These tins are always at the thrifts, so they are easy to find and cheap!

I keep this tote with several fleece blankets close at hand.  I use the cheap ones that you don't mind getting ember burns on.  It makes it easy to grab blankets, and you can stuff alot in a tote.  You can find these blankets cheap at Ross or the thrifts.

Happy Summer Eating!




Jill said...

Looks like you'll be having lots of great meals outside this summer,love all the bright colours!

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La Sirena Vintage Treasures said...

I absolutely love that gorgeous tea carafe!

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