Friday, May 3, 2013

The Vintage Thermos

Here's almost all my thermos' outside on my pretty!  And not one was more than $2

For the Vintage item history junkies like me:

In 1904 the Thermos company made the first thermos available for retail.

Col. Roosevelt took a Thermos on his expedition to the Congo.

IN 1909 the Thermos company won the grand prize at the Alaskan Yukon Exposition for it's great invention.

IN 1925 the company merged with "Icy Hot" (note the thermos in the front right).

IN 1928, our friends at PYREX (another vintage love of mine) made a new type of vacuum glass insert for Thermos.  These were for some of the larger sizes and coolers.

In the 30's, Thermos in America and England were manufacturing for the war...those soldiers needed the bottles!

In 1960, Thermos became the King-Seeley Thermos Company when they purchased Thermos.


The Holiday line is my favorite!

I got this set (along with a sandwich container) unused at a thrift.  This set I keep together and use regularly.  My theory is that it was an unused and forgotten gift.  I got it for $6!

I love these type too!

And then of course, the coolers!
Looks like I have a few more to find...haha!  Can you imagine?

If you want to start your own collection, Thermos' are inexpensive and plentiful!  I've sold as many as I've kept.  They are cheapest at yard sales :)


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

You've got a nice collection! I have to say, the Holiday is my favourite, too.

I couldn't imagine that many Thermos'. I think that would take up my whole apartment.

Jill said...

Love them!!

We had a blue Coleman one with the spout, actually it is still at home. That was the thermos that always went to the beach, filled with red Kool Aid!!

Mamaw's Place said...

I think of you often. I really enjoy reading your blog. When I go to local yard sales, thrift stores or antique shops, I see so many vintage thermos items and every time I do, you come to mind. Hope you have a great weekend and happy thermos hunting.

ThrifterSisters said...

I went to an estate sale yesterday and someone called out to me "Hey, Pyrex Girl! Where have you been?". I an going to start calling you "Thermos Girl"!

Love the association that some of the thermoses have with Pyrex.

Have a great weekend,


Stacey Johnson said...

Thanks ladies....never thought I'd grow up and be Thermos girl! HAHA