Friday, May 17, 2013

Yard Sales!

Today, at 7:30am I was driving my daughter to school wearing pajama pants with vegetables all over them, a red rain jacket and my Keens.  I had no makeup and messed up hair.  On the way, we passed a large baptist church...YARD SALE.  The same one I scored at last year. 

"I'm going as soon as I drop you off!"  I said to my daughter.

"You can't do that!  You're in your pajamas!"  My daugther responded, horrified.

I didn't tell her, but I stopped IN MY PAJAMAS.  I wanted to get the good stuff.

I found something VERY exciting.  One to sell one to keep.

1960's blow molds $3 each!



Fiesta ware platter (newer but I love it!) $1

Pyrex! $1 each  I love Crazy Daisy
 Then I got dressed, and headed for a local neighborhood sale.  I didn't expect much vintage there, but I stumbled on a great house!

Tape dispenser $1  Candy Tin $1
 This candy tin is so cute and date 1962.  There was this odd metal piece on the bottom.  I tried hard to get it off as it's sharp.  Then I read the bottom.  Apparently there was an attached "Key" to open the tin.  This is the ruminants.  I covered it with tape for safety.  So cute!
Oh my....I saw this 1950's box marked $2 and got VERY excited.  Was it empty?
It was not!

This packet of 100 old postcards was $5.  They were all addressed to the same person, so I'm assuming it was a family member's lifetime collection.  I can't imagine getting rid of them!  I had such fun looking through all of them.

All and all a great day!

Just got this at another yard sale after picking my daughter up from school.  Whoohoo $2!


Anonymous said...
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Madee said...

Oh my gosh - love the blow molds! I have a few, but that snowman is so sweet! And those shiny brites! Ahh Christmas came early for you ;)

Anonymous said...

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