Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh Yes...Yard Sale Season is Here!

Oh adrenaline is pumping as the yard sale and estate sale signs are making their first appearances of spring.  I'm finding some to sell....and some to keep!

The Estate Sale I went to was crazy!  They specified no early birds and I respected that...only to get there and find people had already attacked and were still attacking.  They were rude and pushy.  One man pushed me over and drug his large metal item down my side as he passed.  Crazy!  I did get a few things though, and the prices were insanely cheap.

I've been looking for an English biscuit container that is the right style and affordable and hadn't found anything.  This was 10 cents and I love it!  I'm using it to hold cotton balls in my bathroom!

This adorable 1956 Lefton Valentine girl was also 10 cents

I have a thing for old books with cool covers.  Love the engraving and it's dated 1914.  25 cents

Record with amazing graphics 50 cents

Hit a yard sale today...not much but I did find these little treasures
A beautiful recipe box...I haven't seen this pattern.  25 cents

This I'm selling.  It's going for between $15-$25 on eBay and esty.  I love Ziggy. 1979  25 cents

This I found at our down town flea shop for $1.  It was absolutely filthy.  I cleaned it and it's true beauty was underneath!

Yipee!  More of my dishes from my parents restaurant in the early 70s!  I couldn't believe this find!

Glad to be yard saling again....happy hunting!

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ColibriNB said...

Nice finds! We're still many weeks away from yard sale season around here - still too much snow.
I love Ziggy, that recipe box and your pink Pyrex!