Monday, March 18, 2013

Thrifting and Friendship

My best friend and I meet up for thrifting and lunch once a month.  It's valuable time I wouldn't miss...and I found some fun vintage too!

This is the first turquoise Butterprint I've kept.  Pre Cute Laundry room I found lots of this stuff for a I have a reason to keep it!  Thrifted for $8

LOVE this handmade vintage apron....99 cents!

No, I didn't thrift all this...I just thought they looked so pretty in the pantry.  These are my utility Pyrex I use everyday.

This is my first French Pyrex "Arcopal".  Hope I have that spelled right...I don't have my new glasses yet and can barely read the bottom of the cup. $1.99

These are from a "reoccurring yard sale" I hit on the way home.  These darling senior citizen gals have garages full of their own stuff, and stuff they had in a shop years ago.  They sell it once in awhile for a great price.  I got this whole plastic canister set for $5.  I'm going to find another outdoor utility type storage for the back yard to put all the "outdoor" dining stuff.  I think I will use these out there to store napkins, and plastic ware, etc.



Jill said...

What a sweet canister set! Great that you have a Butterprint, love that pattern!

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I LOVE those canisters!!! You got a great price on that Butterprint! :)

Stacey Johnson said...

Thanks ladies. Good to hear from you Denise...haven't seen you for awhile ;)