Friday, March 8, 2013

Gluten Free Donuts and Spring Flowers

If you live in Bellingham WA, you know about Rocket Donuts.  Not only do they have incredible donuts they are:
These donuts are like the real a real donut shop!  I love it's location in the funky old part of town amidst the antique shops.  The decor is "Retro Space" and the people are super friendly.  My daughter's favorite is the pink frosted with sprinkles.  Mine, of course, is chocolate covered...but the maple was really good too.  It's worth the trip to Bellingham just for these beauties, but there's also alot of other gluten free in the area as well as fun shops and scenery.
and look under the city.  You'll find lots to choose from!
Rocket Donuts 306 West Holly and in Downtown Fairhaven
OK, you've got the for the flowers!  Couldn't resist on this beautiful sunny day that looks like spring!  Here's what's happening in my front yard!



Jill said...

Lucky you to be able to look out your window and see such pretty flowers!

Sharon Evans said...

omg, my husband will love this!!..he loves doughnuts, but can't ever eat them!..thank u

Stacey Johnson said...

you are welcome!