Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Daugther the Vintage Spotter

So while my hubby took my son and some boys out to a movie for his Birthday, my daughter and I did a little thrifting before our movie night at home.  I discovered that my teen is an amazing spotter.  She isn't super interested in vintage but she sure knows how to find it.  At Goodwill, there was a large red Pyrex Hostess bowl in an abandon cart with a bunch of stuff around it.  It was barely showing.  She said, "Mom, isn't that Pyrex?"

I checked with everyone around to make sure it wasn't there cart and waited a bit, then snagged the $4 beauty!  Then she spotted a Holiday Thermos (My personal fav) and it's from England!  $3.00

So here's a bit of what I found and were they now make there homes.

Here's the Hostess Bowl

She will become the fruit bowl for now

I need to come up with a fun Spring/Summer meal and use all my Hostess stuff for it. 

The Holiday Thermos and a 1960's Charlie Brown milk glass cup 99cents
The thermos joined in my fridge top display

The mug joins the others on the rack

I'm not into Montana but thought this tray had creative potential.  Maybe Christmas with candy in the middle?

Found a mint condition pink milk glass mug for 99 cents.  It joins my laundry room display


Jill said...

You were lucky to find the Snoopy mug, I've seen some go for nice amounts on Ebay.

ColibriNB said...

Wow - you've been lucky with the Hostess finds! And your Thermos collection is growing by the minute - so nice!

Stacey Johnson said...

Thanks ladies!

Mamaw's Place said...

Love your vintage! I am starting to collect mugs...even though I don't drink tea or coffe. But your Pyrex is what I am adoring. Don't you just love it! Thanks for leaving a comment on my Easter dilemma.