Friday, June 29, 2012

Garage Sale Finds and Cooking from "It's All Good without Gluten in Pyrex

I found this adorable vintage recipe box among "new stuff" at a garage sale.  It was only 25 cents!  I was amazed to find that all the recipe cards are still inside.  It looks like a gift to a teacher, because each card says who it's from and who their child is.  I'm gonna have to convert the recipes to GF and try them!

Found a semi-old blue thermos and made a fourth of July arrangement on my front porch.  The Thermos is now a vase with lavendar and mint leaves!

I've labeled my recipes with which vintage Pyrex to use.  I'm not tastes better in cute pans :)  I think that area took more time and loving care into what they prepared and the presentation.

Vintage kitchenware in action

Cornbread dry ingredients


Jill said...

What a sweet thing to find, with recipes intact!! It's a long story but I found my gramdnother's recipe box at a shop a few years ago with the recipe cards still there, I would have paid any amount for it!!

Stacey Johnson said...

Wow, that's really cool :)