Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Thrifted, Cheap and Free

Bless my husband, he got me a shelf for my vintage goodies.  I was so excited!  Almost nothing on this shelf cost more than $5...and most things are less then $3.

Painted and framed the 1930's sheet music

Yard saling...looked like nothing, then found this little cupboard covered in dirt, peanut butter and fruit snack remnants and a couple doors missing.  It was marked FREE.  With elbow grease and TLC, and a screwdriver to remove the hinges... I have a laundry room piece


thetoddlerwhisperer said...

Oh I LOVE!!! How fun to display your goodies in such a way! :)

Madee said...

Great displays!! :)

Jill said...

I have the very same shortening container, first item on left, fourth shelf!

I'm your newest follower by way of the Collective.

Stacey Johnson said...

Jill, I love that container! Thanks for following :) Stacey

Lesley said...

Everything looks so happy. I really like the tin with apples on it. Your fruit snack and PB shelf turned out good :)