Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some finds, Advertising and a Sweet Suprise!

So I have a lovely head cold.  School got out, I was all emotional with my kids getting older + lack of sleep due to hormones (the natural remedy isn't working...I think I'm beyond it!)  My kids have an unbelievably busy Saturday so I'm resting in between chauffeuring.  (That is until I passed signs for a community yard sale after dropping one kid off).  I feel like garbage, I'm dizzy, my nose won't stop running...but it's a COMMUNITY YARD SALE!  I took about 20 minutes and looked around.  It's a newer community but I found that alot of older people lived there...thus, a little vintage was happily found!

This darling children's book has beautiful illustrations (50 cents), and the original packet of the 4 seasons Currier and Ives lithographs is so fabulous! (also 50 cents).  I can't pass up milk glass vases at good prices.  I've seen this one in thrifts for $5 and up.  I got this for $1!

One of the illustrations

Two Christmas table clothes $3.00 for the pair

Norman Rockwell tray for Christmas (50 cents)

1957 Saturday Evening Post with amazing ads ($2).  I think I'm going to frame some ads and try my hand at Smashing thanks to Jill at

There wasn't much in the way of thrifting this week.  I did find these magazines though, from 1974 and 1976.   

I found this ad in the 1976 magazine and it looked awfully familiar....
It doesn't say "election" but it's from the same year.  I found it at a thrift and it's in my 4th of July display which I will be posting soon!!!

And guess what was in this box from Erica at
Two matching, adorable (I think Thermos' can be adorable) Thermos'!
Thank you!  It's fun to have vintage crazy blogger friends out there :)


Jill said...

You did pretty good for having a cold!

I love to find old magazines, the ads are such fun to look at and remember...

I bet you'll be hooked once you start SMASHing! Have fun!

ThrifterSisters said...

So happy that you love those thermos'!

Great find on those Christmas tablecloths. I actually walked away from a couple at a sale on Friday morning. I can finally say that I have too much of something and Christmas tablecloths are it!