Saturday, April 6, 2013

What A Pastor's Wife is...and Isn't

What A Pastor's Wife IS

A person with feelings
A supporter of her husband, first and foremost
A prayer warrior
A peace maker
Sometimes overwhelmed
Often acknowledging weakness to God
Trying to be real
Exposed and vulnerable
Often treated differently
Sometimes pleasantly understood
Wounded from the past
Healing from the past
Growing in Christ
Hopeful for the future

What A Pastor's Wife ISN'T

The holder of the keys to the building
The person who knows the times and locations of all the classes and groups
A person of stone
A person who has it all together
Above everyone else
A perfect mother
An untouchable
Beyond Wounding
Unable to relate
Capable of carrying everyone's burdens alone
Never alone
Always knows what to do and say
Never feels tired
Always has a good attitude
A constant source of answers to problems
In Control

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