Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vintage Finds for April

I haven't done alot of thrifting.  What I've seen has been spendy and I've got two kids going to camp and so there's not alot extra.  The cool thing - I found a 1970's illustrated story book at a thrift for $2.  I should have taken a pic before I sold it.  Anyway, it was one of those thing were I just knew it was special and worth money.  I got home and checked online....sure enough, it's gone for as high as $50!  I sold it for a profit of $35 which went toward my kids camp!  I love finding things to sell.'s what I kept!

I found some adorable vintage cookbooks at a small thrift near my daughter's school  This one is from the 30's and had a homemade book cover of vintage wallpaper.  How cute can you get?  Only $1

Here's the inside.

I was going to sell the Modern Family Cookbook since it's worth $10, but it's too cute.  $1

Vintage canister from Goodwill $1.99

What is my vintage juice glass obsession?  I love them and we use them all the time! Value Village .69 cents

Federal Glass this!  $3.99

Look at the detailed stitching on this vintage apron.  And only .99 cents!

Just for fun...I stacked my large Pyrex fridgies in a display.  Oh how I love fridgies!


ColibriNB said...

Love that apron! And the fridgies, and the glass, and the bowl - lol!

ThrifterSisters said...

Love love love that canister!! Lucky you to have thrifted it:-)

I try really hard to only collect Pyrex and the occasional Fire King bowl sets but then you come along and show me that Federal makes turquoise bowls too! Now what am I supposed to do?



Stacey Johnson said...

Erica, I know...I don't have much besides Pyrex too...but it was too cute!

Jill said...

I would have bought everything and kept it too!!