Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spontanious Fun

I don't actively seek out Estate sales anymore...but when I see one, I stop!  This one was today, on a Monday.  It was the family so the prices were super cheap.  Love it!

I absolutely love these tea towels!

What a sweet memory box
Adorable little juice glasses

Fantastic Christmas...10 cents each!
I love finding party table clothes still in the package

A nice little collection of books.  The Number 9 is a 1942 first edition.

Earlier in the week I stumbled on a yard sale...the kind I always find, where they have all new stuff and one vintage item.  I got this amazing sewing basket for $3!

I love the decal

And look inside!  A tomato pin cushion for my collection.  I haven't stumbled on one like this before.  It's kind of velvety.

25 cent each linens!  I found these at a little thrift.

Did a small project in my bedroom.  I'm really getting into hanging the trays.  Especially with the cool Velcro stuff you can move around.  No more nail holes everywhere.  (I'm not a measurer)



I hope you enjoy a thrifting kind of week!



Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Great finds! I love that sewing basket! You may want to look on EBay, I think "Pantaloon", that Little Gold Book, is quite HTF and goes for a good price. Lucky you! I'm still hoping to find one at a sale someday.
Erica :)
ps...I'm going to steal your idea of hanging those cute trays with Velcro strips. I always find them, but pass them up because I don't want to just stack them.
Great idea.

ThrifterSisters said...

You found some great stuff but I especially love the Swanky Swigs! Middle of the week sales can be really good because they aren't hit as hard as the ones closer to the weekend. I always stop when I see signs for them too!


Jill said...

You found some really sweet things! Unexpected finds are sometimes the best!