Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun Stuff

I just love these old tins!  50 cents at a yard sale!

I hit a little yard sale that had two wonderful vintage items AND a pair of new, amazing boots in my size for $8.  An all around great sale :)

Oh how I love this scale.  Sorry the pic didn't come out great.  $2 at the same sale

What a fun estate sale I hit, just near my house! 

I've always wanted one of these 1920's cheese boxes! and for 50 cents!  And of course the masher...$1

Cool blue bottle for flowers, a tiny Ball jar and Vicks!  50 cents each.

A very different 1940's fridgie dish for $1

I thought this packet had actual View Master discs, but it was just booklets.  However, they do have great graphics for 25 cents

1942 First edition

I love the illustrations! 25 cents

Anyone remember using these?  My hubby and I were talking about all the ways we "vandalized" the athletes.  25 cents for all.

I have always wanted one of these!!!  It has a bit of paint on it, but I love it!  $1.  The lady thought I was nuts.  I saw it with tools in it in a corner.  She carried it out to me like it would bite her, with her nose wrinkled up like it stunk.

Couldn't pass up this 1940's soda fountain glass for my ice cream collection 50 cents

And I'll leave you with a little eye candy!  Have a great day.


Jill said...

Great finds for you!!!

That's a sweet scale!

ThrifterSisters said...

Love that crate! I saw a couple out in our shop the other day that I forgot I had. I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit :-)


Vonlipi said...

I'm reeling from the eye candy!

Do you have a view master? I have one in that is just gathering dust with a lot of reels.

Let me know

Anyways drop by for a visit @vonlipisfavorites