Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tea Time

To say I am a tea person is an understatement.  I don't know if I could live without the stuff.  My favorite?  Straight green.  Not the kind with flowery stuff added.  Why tea?  It's not just about the taste...or the fact that it's hot and soothing.  It's not just that it relaxes me, or that it's super healthy and full of antioxidants.  No, there's something about what it does to my frame of mind. 

It keeps me centered on Christ, allowing me time throughout the day to pray and focus.  Sometimes I have more time to sit and really focus, pray, read the Bible and in the morning.  But there are times throughout the day, in between my schedule that I pause, sip and focus on Christ.  It's a way to tangibly keep my center.

My friends know what a big part of my life tea is.  In fact, a dear friend just gifted me this giant mug which I immediately started using.  The same day, I purchased this box of 100 tea bags, which will last me about 2 weeks.  I use it to supplement my loose Gunpowder Green tea (the best), that is just to expensive to sip exclusively with the amount I consume.

Daisy, from Downton Abbey

The British have it figured out.  Tea Time should be on every one's schedule.  And it's the perfect beverage to have when opening up with a friend, new or old.  There's something about it that removes walls.  They are lost in the warmth of the liquid.  Heart to heart sharing pours out as the tea is taken in.  This is why tea is so often a part of my social life.  Meeting at Starbucks, or having it in our lends itself to true conversation.

Found these darling "Bee Green" mugs at Goodwill.  Couldn't pass them up since I'm "green" and love green tea!

Yes, taking tea is a permanent and important part of my life.  If I had to choose between tea and chocolate...I'd be hard-pressed to choose.  But, who needs to choose!  Tea and chocolate is the perfect combination.  Time to finish up....and have a cup of tea!

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