Friday, January 4, 2013

Living In Color

This time of year, once the holidays have passed, I always get a little blue.  The weather is dreary, and the days seem to stretch out before me in an endless blah.    I've found that kicking things up a in color really helps.  Brightening up my world with literal color, and with good and true things make all the difference.  Here are a few ways I beat the blues, living in color.

Yes, I own black and grey like everyone else...but sometimes I gotta pull out the color!
Colorful food...healthy and refreshing.  In fact, I'm doing another little cleanse after the holiday carbs.
A little vintage Pyrex goes along way in brightening things up
Posting encouraging verses around the house...this one is on the chalkboard in the dining room
A new book given to me by a sweet mom at MOPS.  It's refreshing to the soul.

The Rosemary is blooming on the porch in spite of the cold.  I go out there just to visit it and smell it.  Wanna feel perked up?, smell Rosemary.  Weird?  Maybe.  But I love it.

The Sun shined Jan 1-3.  I took advantage of every moment.  It's healing to the soul.  I walked every day it shined instead of exercising inside.
I moved my utility cart inside and made a sunny corner.
I decorated the kitchen with lots of color.'s not just for Christmas
I made the "Phone corner" more inviting.  A sweet friend gifted me the vintage calendar that makes me smile.

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