Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fantastic Estate Sale

This Saturday, my husband and I stumbled across an unadvertised estate sale.  It was day 2...I can't imagine what they must have had on day 1!  There wasn't much left in the house, but I picked up a few things and then I realized that my husband was gone.  I figured he went to the car and I'd better hurry.  Then I stepped out into the shop in the back and there he was, like a kid in a candy store, holding on to this very primitive screw driver.  I just started to laugh.  He likes vintage, but typically I'm the crazy one.

"I've never seen so many old tools before."  Then I began to dig.  Oh my goodness...we were in there for an hour.  So many cool things.  The former owner had to be in his 80's and some of the tools had to be his fathers.  Very old, amazing stuff.  It was just so fun.  We opened old chests and drawers and just looked in awe on the past.  I started picking some things up and everything seemed to be $1 or less.  The man's son even gave me some things for free.  My husband, though mesmerized by the tools said he didn't know what he would do with them, he wasn't a tool person.

"Well, I said.  I became the Vintage Pyrex person by starting.  You could become the old tool person."  In any case, I talked him in to getting the screw driver for $2.

It was only a few hours later that my husband Jim started talking about the tools again.  "I think I want to go back!"

We had to wait until he was done with work on Sunday, and then we went back, this time with the kids.  My son Ben and Jim spent another hour in the shop, while Emily and I went back inside.  They must have cleaned out some more closets, and I grabbed the milk glass candy dish, a Pyrex dish, a slide rule, glitter (Such cute old packaging), a pitcher, and Emily got a purse with a wallet and a the guy threw in some Tupperware for $6. 

Jim decided to become "the tool guy" and got a few more things.  Now we have to think of a way to display them and a place that would work in a small house.'s what we found!

Pyrex Early American Divided dish...I think I'm selling this.

  $3 for all.  I LOVE the labels on these old cans.  They'll look great on the vintage cart outside.
The whole bowl of vintage ornaments $1.  My daughter took the bowl and I took the ornaments!

How cute is the original packaging!

 I researched this.  Looks like 1930's Candy Dish.  Possibly Fenton.

This doesn't look like much, but it's a 1950's metal folding camp table for $2.  Jim's going to paint it. 

 Vintage Thermometer....for Free!!!

 Here's Jim's tools...$4 for all this.

I don't think I realised until now how much cheap fun an Estate Sale could be for the whole family!



Jamie said...

ummmm.. that candy dish is to die for. LOVE it. when you run out of room for all your treasures, I will house that for you!

Wendy said...

You definitely got fabulous things! Good job. :)