Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School Week

Well, I always take the first few days of back to school and mostly have fun and unwind...and get some of the things done I couldn't during summer.  I got to go out with my best friend for lunch and thrifting, went yard saling and got a little crafty.  It's always so weird the first week back.  It's pleasure in the routine and quiet mixed with sadness at the realization that the kids are gone and that they are growing up.  I always feel a bit of anxiety at letting go.  I have to pray and give God control and whisper, "They're Yours" hourly.  It's always good to have a few days to reflect, enjoy some quiet and gear up for full on fall.

Here's what I found:

After I dropped my son off I went to the local thrift shop I haven't been to all summer.  I had a $5 reward so this Verde divided dish was on .95 cents!

Also got this recipe box for 1/2 price...and the cow for 40 cents at another thrift store.  I have some kind of thing for tin recipe boxes from the 50s and 60s and cow creamers.  The recipe box is my second with recipes in the box.  I gotta start trying them!

I was so excited to score these babies at Goodwill for $5 total.  I was going to use them to serve, but decided there was a wall space that was boring.  I am a "Getter done" DIY person without alot of patience.  What I had was paper clips, a rubber band, and a hot glue gun.  I made hangers on the backs out of that and hung them up!

I am blessed with sweet and thoughtful friends.  Two of them dropped off "First day of school gifts"  This is from one.  Love this old picture with the verse.

Another friend dropped off a set a beautiful little towels.

Another recipe box for fall and a funky cracker and cheese tray.

Yard sale find for $2.  The lady was so happy I was giving it a good home.  Shenandoah pattern was not a real hit until I saw it in mint condition. 

Yard sale collage frame .50cents.  I've been wanting to frame the Santa sketch my dad did when he was around 15.  I put it in with some postcards and old stickers to hang at Christmas.

OK, I know this will all be rotten in a month, but I couldn't wait! 

I love Fall!


Wendy said...

Your collection is really growing! I'll have to see how you have it all arranged. :)

SixBalloons said...

The embroidery on the towels is lovely!