Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who Has Time for Family Time?

In this increasingly busy world with more options for diversion then ever before, many families are loosing touch. Times when everyone is at home might find each family member doing their own thing...texting, video games, etc. We will never have more time and the world shows no signs of slowing down. Many family's with teens just give the idea of family time up all together. After all, they have their own life...their own friends. This may be true, but family time is a choice. A priority. If you set a precedence, it will happen. If your heart is in it...the teens will follow.

What does family time look like? I don't think it has to be a ridged time...nor does it have to be filled with endless costly activity. Some of our best times have been spontaneously going thrift store shopping, putting on a movie and making pop corn, playing Mexican Train, or taking a hike. In fact with so much activity going on already, I enjoy the down time together, where we can really talk and laugh and just be.
If your saying to yourself...that sounds great, but there really is no time....then make it! One of the biggest disservices we have done our children is over-filling the calendar, theirs and ours. We have an attitude that our child shouldn't be deprived of any opportunity for sports, friendship or fun. Pish-Posh. Do you get everything you want? I know I don't. And you know's not healthy to get everything we want and end up tired, ungrateful and lacking family connection. I am a firm believer in limiting the schedule. My kids choose things. I'll look at the calendar and say..."hmmm....their an overnighter invite for Friday, a birthday party Saturday and a babysitting opportunity has to go, which one?" I do not hold to the "keep them busy" philosophy, nor do I believe in select sports that can become an idol. Choose something you want to do, and do it. Leave room for youth group involvement and family time.
How do you start family time? Just do it. Schedule it on the calendar. You might have to make some sacrifices, but it's worth it. Find a way to do it, before it's to late. Mark dates on the calendar months in advance and stick to it. Enjoy your family!

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