Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Pyrex

Some of my Mom still has the pattern on the right from my childhood.

This covered casserole is in perfect condition and it was only $4 at a thrift store!

  Decorating with Butterfly Gold
I don't know what it is about vintage Pyrex. Maybe it's my practical side...I don't "Collect" things that aren't usable. I use all my vintage stuff. Maybe it's the memories of casseroles and cake in these bowls and dishes...I don't know. It's a link to the past and a reminder of simpler times, just like all vintage collections. But Pyrex especially brings a feeling of home, a love of the kitchen and family meals, and nostalgia. Anyway...I'm hooked. I only buy it super cheap (thrift stores) and I've tried to limit myself to mixing bowls (that I used for serving bowls, decorating and cooking), but I also look for the Butterfly Gold stuff and I am a sucker for the covered casseroles with decorated lids. My husband is a pro at finding the stuff...I may be the only woman in America who got Pyrex in her that man! If you aren't into this stuff I might be speaking a foreign language, but if you understand. I discovered some websites for other crazies like me,  They also have a second and third site for Pyrex Collective.  Follow the links on this site.  You can find out about your finds on these sites and also enjoy other like minded Pyrex people.

I was thrifting with my husband on Monday and stumbled across a rare covered casserole. It is in mint condition and it was only $4! Score. Here it is, along with some of my others stuff.

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