Monday, November 12, 2012

A Little Something for My Vintage Crazy Friends

It was soooo busy last week I couldn't blog!  It was a half day week at school too, which means I spent half my life in a car going to or from the elementary and middle schools. is what I found over the last few weeks.  I hit an Estate Sale that was super cheap...the lady was ready to be done.  She even gave me a box of vintage cookbooks which I sold.  Also found a couple of things at some of the smaller thrifts.

I'm so excited about this.  My daughter and I found a new small thrift.  I found this spice rack their for $ just happened to match the recipe box from the 50's that my mother gave me.  Didn't even know it existed!  Then I remembered seeing a set of milk glass spice containers but they were more than I wanted to pay.  However, after finding the rack I really wanted them, but I couldn't remember where I saw them. Then today my husband and I were thrifting in another town and went to my favorite small thrift and there they were!  Not only that, the color tag was half price so I got a set of 6 for $5!

I am a cookbook author but I can't say I have ever heard of this spice???

I was looking for a Christmas table cloth.  Love this!  At the Estate Sale in mint condition for $4

I don't even know what this is but I loved the Vintage packaging and at 25 cents I had to have it for my new Vintage Funk laundry room! Also from the Estate Sale.

I found these at two different thrifts.  The trees were $1 each and the complete set of Shiny and Brite ornaments in a  box with a shape I have never seen were 99 cents!  I love the box!

1950's plat holder with Christmas bell ringer $2

1950's angel candle holder 50 cents


Old Fashioned Gal said...

Wow! $2 for a 50's spice rack! What a great deal! I love your Christmas table cloth and angel candle holder. I'm pretty sure I have the same one. I think it's a Lefton piece. :)

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I had to look up chervil, I never heard of it either, interesting enough little herb I suppose.

I've never seen that size of Shiny Brite box either.

Stacey Johnson said...

Oh! Lefton. I wasn't sure ;)

I wonder what you would put Chervil in?