Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little More Christmas

Just in case you didn't get enough...(I hadn't)'s a little more.

Why oh why won't this pic turn?  Sorry I'm not very techie.  I was excited to find these candles yesterday at a Thrift down the street for 50 cents each!  I've seen them for $5!

So....I incorporated some of the candles in what I've already done.

Cookie cutter collection in a basket on the coffee table.

My mom got me this "Christmas" bread box at Goodwill's black Friday 1/2 off sale.

I love these!  Two are from a yard sale and one from a dear friend.

Our church does a free tree lot for military families.  Last night our life group manned the lot and every time they "trimmed" the tree...I took the remnants.  This is one of my uses!

Happy Decorating!


Jeanie Bellamy said...

The white candle snowman and the Santa cookie cutter were true flashbacks to my childhood Stacey. My mom made those Santas every single Christmas that I remember as a child, the very exact cookie cutter! Are you sure you aren't re-incarnated from the 50's? lol. Thanks for sharing, really touched my heart with blessed Christmas memories. Love, Jeanie

Stacey Johnson said...

I love the 50s !