Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thrifted Vintage Finds!

Seems my list of Vintage stuff I'm looking for "Cheap" is getting smaller.  Thanks to the fact that I keep finding things I can sell, I've been able to pick those list items when I see them!  Some major "list" items were found in the past week.
Mint condition picnic bag, complete with sandwich box and thermos.  My guess it this was a wedding gift that ended up in the back of the closet b/c it's unused!  Thrifted at one of my favorite little shops for $6

I have been looking for a milk glass cake plate FOREVER!  They are never at thrift stores and cost a fortune anywhere else.  Thrifted $2!

Oh, how cute is this table cloth.  All the other vintage one's were $12 at the thrift store.  This was unmarked and she gave it to me for $2!  No stains and soooo cute on my kitchen table :)

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ThrifterSisters said...

Love the tablecloth! $2? It must have been your lucky day. I get so excited when I find them for cheap too!