Monday, August 27, 2012

A Week in Review

Well, it's been a little gearing up for Fall, and a little enjoying more Summer.  I'm a Mentor Mom this year at MOPS, and attended the training meetings this month.  I'm looking forward to a fun adventure with some great young Moms and also working with the other seasoned Moms!  It's fun to be in the place of new experience and anything can happen.

I also invented some new recipes....
OK, being real.  I totally winged it and tried to make an "Oatmeal, banana, chocolate chip, breakfast thingy.  It flopped.  To much liquid.  Texture is off, taste is good.  I will post the recipe when I get it right.

OK, so it's not a recipe...I just stuck Pineapple Sage from my herb garden on salmon and baked it.  It worked well.

OK, for you thrifters.  This is my "Free" corner.  The rooster tray was free and a yard sale.  The chair that I painted with leftover paint from ? was free at a yard sale.  The chicken was in my parents house forever and mom gave it to me.  OK, I begged for it.

My family FINALLY got to the local Swap Meet.  Oh, my....we are all hooked.  We all found stuff for great prices.  I taught my daughter to dicker the price and the people were so much fun!  My husband was thrilled with a barely used camp stove for $15.  Here is what I was thrilled with:

This adorable little book published in 1890 was $1

I love vintage books...they are so pretty :)

I love that it says Icy Hot.  I don't know why.  $2

I saw the large tray at an antique store today for about 95% more than I paid!

Oh, this little 401 Spring Blossom leaves me one short to complete the set.  Yes, I'm a Pyrex geek.

Got the white "Snowflake Garland" to go with the little one my hubby found at a thrift store.

Today, the fam went to Duvall.  Just a change of scenery.  It's a cute little town.  We had a picnic, got ice cream...found a vintage Yard Sale (yes on Monday) where everything was 10 cents.  AHHH!  Finds are at the end.

 Such a cute town

 Love the shops
 Love these...price...not so much.  Maybe I'll find one at a yard sale someday.
 Love my boys!

 Silly girl with the beautiful eyes.

I love this. It's a painting on the side of a building.

OK, the 10 cent yard sale with the sweetest people ever.  Fire King mugs and Thermo-Serv set.  What a deal.  I am actually selling these...I sell alot of what I find for extra income :)  Fun job.

But I will not part with these!  Love the old cooler and this light up Santa is what I saw from the road.  I almost jumped out of the car while it was still moving.  My husband has gotten good at abrupt stops!

Well, the summer is winding down.  Soon the lazy days with family and all the yard sales will be gone.  It's always with mixed feelings I approach fall.  I'm excited for routine and to see what God brings in a new school year for all of us.  But, I will miss these lazy days.  Enjoy it all to the all goes so fast.


Jill said...

We had the Coleman cooler in blue - always took it to the beach, filled with Kool Aid - loved pushing that button and seeing that red liquid pour out...

Stacey Johnson said...

I love those nostalgic memories, Jill!