Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gluten Free Summer Guests?

I've been thinking about what a struggle it is for both the host and GF guest.  The host wants to please the guest...while all the GF guest wants to do is get through the night without getting sick.  Sometimes it's just easier to have the GF person bring their own food.  However, in the summer it's actually pretty easy.  Here is a food list and some tips to keep BBQ's and picnics GF.

Summer foods are among the easiest to make GF.  Here are some ideas:
1) Grill hamburgers or chicken without sauces or fillings.  I know the new thing is to add stuff to the hamburger meat.  That makes it unsafe!  Go for the plain.
2) Have Ice Berg Lettuce Leaves on hand to wrap the meat in, for a protein style burger.
3) Safeway Potato Salad is GF
4) Costco cooked chickens are GF and great for picnics and salads
5) Lays plain potato chips...can't go wrong
6) Fruit! Summer fruit is delicious and gluten free!  Watermelon, strawberries,'s all good.
7) Ice Cream.  If you avoid the "cookie" and "brownie" flavors, most ice cream is GF.
8) Most condiments are fine.
9) Hempler's hot dogs are a safe option
10) If you feel like you must get buns (no one would expect you too...I bring mine) go for Udi's which is found in most frozen natural sections of stores.

Now for the harder stuff.  Tips for keeping the GF food, GF.

1) If you are grilling other meats with added sauce or stuffing, grill the GF meat away from to the side
2) Look for high quality brands.  Really cheap ice cream or condiments can have fillers.
3) Clean fruit away from flour residue and don't sprinkle berries with sugar.  The likelihood that you contaminated your sugar with a measuring cup that had flour on it is high.  It's best to keep fruit sugar-free.
4) Squeezable condiments are best.  If you stick a knife into a jar of mayo and spread it on your bun and then stick the knife back in, you have just contaminated it.
5) Avoid most Hot dogs and sausages.  Some are GF and some aren't.  If you are not in the know, it's to complicated.
6) Don't make a big deal.  Most GF folks just want to discreetly eat what they can.  Pull them aside to ask about food.

Enjoy your Gluten Free Summer!


thetoddlerwhisperer said...

Very cool post. My Bff and her family are coming down to visit us for the weekend and her daughter is 5 and a celiac. We love doing a fiesta night with them because we can do a lot with gf corn tortilla chips and taco shells. (and we're all happy)
Trader Joe's has SO many great GF products that we love too. (even though we aren't celiac, we do a lot of gf due to a more paleo diet as well)

Stacey Johnson said...

Very cool Yes! I LOVE Trader Joes