Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gluten Free Shopping Tips

Looking for good deals and/or convenience in shopping for GF?  Here are some quick friendly tips!

1) Look for small shops in your area.  Support your local dealers who are usually friendly and willing to order in what you need. It's a good place for those hard to find items too. If you live in my area, check out "Just For the Health of It!" in Marysville or "Arlington Health Foods" in downtown Arlington.

2) Look for sales and deals at local chains.  I frequent Fred Meyer and check for weekly sale items.  They also have a club card that rewards you!

3) Join your local food coop.  I am a member of Skagit Food Coop.  They have sales and deals and if you are a vested member, you get money back at the end of the year!

4) Check online. is a place I order from at least twice a month.  Orders over $49 ship for free and there is no tax in most states.  Their prices are low and they have new things all the time.  They also ship fast!

5) Visit Mambo Sprouts on the web for coupons.  They change often and are full of GF deals.

6) Save $ buy making desserts yourself.  I use mixes once in awhile, but they are so expensive.  Find some great GF cookbooks and try out the recipes. 

7) Plan your meals ahead so you don't over buy.  It helps to plan ahead.

Hope this takes so of the stress out of your GF shopping!

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Louise said...

Its granted the shopping tips you provide here so helpful. Thanks!

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