Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vintage Spring!

I framed this 1965 Clorox ad for my laundry room.

GF Italian Pasta Salad (From "It's All Good Without Gluten!") made in my mother's vintage Pyrex. 

$20 Antique bookshelf gets a makeover with 1970's Rubbermaid shelf liner purchased at Value Village still in the packaging.

Got this at the Value Village buy on e get one free sale.  My husband got a shirt, and I got this baby.

Ok, so these are my tools for cleaning mistreated Vintage Pyrex. 

This is my sad Pyrex casserole rescued from Goodwill for cheap.  I was so excited to clean it, I forgot to take a before shot.  This is the very last remaining mess.  It took an hour of soaking and scrubbing.  It looked like someone put the thing in the oven and let it boil over.  The entire pan was covered with black crust.  The lid looked burnt.

Tada!  This has been at the top of my Pyrex list forever!  It's beautiful!

This is so fun.  It's a Corning/Pyrex Brides guide.  The title sounds like you are caring for a pet! Haha.

Love this booklet too.

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