Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's Finally Garage Sale Season!

I bought this depression glass shaker at a yard sale and used it as a vase since it had no lid.

I'm so glad that the sales are coming back!  Over the last couple weekends I've found a few things at the sales and the Swap Meet.  I love finding things super cheap as most of you know so I'm always glad when it's yard sale season.

I love the cover of this book!  Not sure how I'm going to use it yet, but some kind of display.

I've added a few Golden Books to the ones I already had as a kid... I just love them!

This is from the 1930's and the funny thing is, I paid 10 cents and it says 10 cents.

I was thrilled to find this distressed wood rack painted blue.  Perfect for displaying my pink and turquoise linens in the laundry room!

This was my splurge, but in mint condition at $12 in an antique store, I couldn't pass it up!  I love the smaller print!  I don't usually go to this antique store and I couldn't believe the prices.  I've seen this in other antique stores for as much as $60.

This vintage Bon Ami came from the swap meet and the Frozen food carton from that same antique store.

I love the graphics!

A thermos I've never seen had to come home with me.  It has a very unique top on it.  Kind of a flat rubber stopper.

I worked at a thrift shop for a month and got a couple of things.  This is a 1940's Mr Peanut serving set.

Also got this book there. 

The one estate sale I found only had this, but I love it!  A unique trimmed table cloth and 4 napkins for $1.

That's it for now!  Happy Yard Sailing!



You sure found some fun treasures! Love the pink pyrex :)
I wasn't able to go garage sailing, but next week I'm going for sure!
Had my duty day today at the shop, so no buying today either...

Jill said...

Isn't it fun to find some good things? I sure like what you brought home!

ThrifterSisters said...

I saw that exact same thermos at the thrift yesterday. I almost bought it but it was in really bad shape. So rusted out in spots that there were holes. Normally I don't mind the rust but this one was just too bad.

So happy that you found a pretty piece of Gooseberry! I found a piece at an estate sale the other day too and was so excited. It's definitely beginning to be one of the harder patterns to find.

Have a great day!


Jann Olson said...

You did good my friend! Love the green shaker bottle and the Bluebird book is precious. Of course I love the Pyrex and the thermos. I collect both. In fact, I recently found a fun plaid picnic bag with a unique thermos inside. Yahoo!

Melissa said...

You've got some great finds here! I brought home some Pyrex this weekend (which I still have to photograph) but nothing too exciting. However, my aunt got a full 4pc minty set of gooseberry fridgies for $5. I cried a little!